Importance Of Tortoise And Its Direction In Vastu Shastra


Tortoise in Vastu Shastra

Tortoise Is Important In Both Vastu Shastra And In Feng Shui

As a tortoise is gifted with long life, therefore in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, it symbolizes Long Life.

As in Puranas, Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise to uphold the earth and its beings during the Sagar Manthan; Lord Vishnu’s Tortoise is the second avatar and is called a Kurma avatar.

These days you can find the tortoise in all homes who believe in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. They are made up of Resins, Metal, glass, Mud, crystals, or else of Wood.

While placing a tortoise at your home or in your office, there are few Vastu rules which you should know and follow them, and this can give you some benefits in your life:

Vastu Shastra Tortoise Position

    1. The tortoise, which is made up of earthen material such as resin or mud, they should be placed in the North East, Center, or the South West.
    2. The tortoise made of metals is to be placed in the North and North West.
    3. Tortoise made of crystals should be either placed in South West or North West.
    4. Tortoise figurines made of wood is to be placed either in the East or in the South East.
    5. You must always remember that wherever you place your tortoise figurine, it should always face towards East Direction.
    6. If you wish to place a tortoise family in your living room, then it is the best option as it will help you to increase your family harmony.
    7. Tortoise figurines must be kept in water. The tortoise figure can be kept in a similar material depth dish. Add some water and colored stones. This will make beautiful décor, and as per Vastu Sashtra, bring serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home.
    8. Tortoise needs to take care of that is keep the check that they are well placed in the right direction mentioned above always, and the water level is maintained. Water must be enough in the dish to soak the feet of the tortoise figurine.


    • Hi Vidya, live tortoise is good for happiness of your family but, you must always remember that wherever you place your tortoise figurine, it should always face towards East Direction.

      • Hi Mr.Himanshu,
        I have a metal tortoise idol with some matrix table of numbers written on the stomach of the tortoise.
        I have placed that in North East corner of my Bedroom facing east direction. Could you advice if this needs any correction.
        Also have a metal horse idol which is kept in North east corner facing the North direction in my bedroom.

        Your suggestions shall be of great value as I have been losing money quite frequently now. I am looking for luck, peace, prosperity in new business venture (yet to work on my ideas ) and of course to increase my financial status.

      • hi himanshu , i brought one metal tortoise from temple side shop . In that pack they mention that write ur wish on red paper n put it on that tortoise .. And after completing ur wish that tortoise leave in river . now where i have to kept this paper ? and should water be there or not ?

      • dear sir,
        I am krishna from Bangalore.
        My in laws gifted a metal tortoise.
        As i read and understood that it must be placed facing East in North (AND ?) (OR ?)North west.
        But can we keep it in pooja room which is at nort east corner of our house and tortoise facing east..?.
        Your advice will be really and immensely helpful.
        Krishna U Hiriyur

      • Hi himanshu

        Thanks for this valuable information. However for someone who is away from home for a few months in a year and hence is unable to replenish the water for the tortoise figurine what is the best alternative. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated



      • Tortoise fingurine face towards east means what bcoz i have plave crystal tortoise in north west of my living room and it face is towards east is it right plz say and what is meaning of fortoise fingurine plz explain

          1.Metal – NorthWest
          2.Glass /Crystal – Northwest /South West
          3.Wood- East/South East
          4. Clay/Earthen-SouthWest/South

          All these tortoises should be facing EAST
          (just compiled the info)
          Be Blessed Be Happy Everyone 😇

      • Hello, I have one metallic tortoise in my home and placed it in a North West corner of my appartment. BT the problem is the same side of that corner has one washroom. Is there any problem? Please rply

      • Hi, One of my friend gifted me a small silver made tortoise how to do positioning and facing directions of the tortoise.

        Please advice

    • Treating another living being with respect will bring you all the good luck. Find out if it’s legal to keep one and if it is, take good care. Unlike the comment underneath, live tortoises cannot be kept facing east all the time, but if it’s happy and taken care of maybe it’ll work. But remember, it’ll be happiest in its natural surroundings. You could give it up and get yourself a metallic one instead

    • सर माझ्याकडे सुध्दा१४ वर्ष जिवंत कासवांची जोड आहे,ते दोन्ही पाण्यात आणि जमिनीवर राहणारे आहेत,
      मला त्यांना माझ्या गावी घराबाहेर ठेवायचे आहे, कुठे आणि दिशा माहित नाही तरी आपण मला सहकार्य करावे ही विनंती..

  1. I have a live tortoise at home. I keep it at my home east site which is in between the north or south. there is some muddy place use for flower and other small plants. I daily wash the tortoise and some time i keep it out of mud but he move every site sometime east, west, south or north. After keep it tortoise i am facing little stoppage of money resources. Please suggest me what i have to do for better results.

    • Dear All,

      It is not advised to keep animals in our house like tortoise, snake,parrot, etc. They are also having soul, and right to spend there life. You are suppose to caging them in your house, there for my suggestion is – you have to leave your tortoise as soon as possible, you can purchase stone tortoise, Don’t go for any feng shui or vastu products without knowing, weather it was suitable for you or not.

      • Hi Himanshu…can we keep the metol tortoise in our bedroom.North east direction of my house is bedroom and northwest is bathrom with toilet.Pleade advise where can I keep it…

  2. hi,i have live tortoise,where should i place him in my home,actually i found it on road so my son brought it home,my son call him jinni,,does they make any good luck for us,in which direction should we place him,,

  3. hi every i have a bronze turtle statue i dnt knw where to place it and in which direction…plzzzz help me..i’ve unknowing place it in my entrance facing the inside of the house..i need help..


  4. I have a pair of very cute and small tortoise.t I put it in a large water fountain in front of my house. It is okay. Pz advise. My house is facing north. Tqvm.

  5. I have purchase 1 ring of tortoise can I wear it in my finger & if then which day is and also tell me which finger it will ok?

    • Dear Ajay,

      Good question, but I will not recommend you to wearing turtle ring so you’ll have to ask this question to someone who recommended it.

      • Just buy one metal tortoise from temple side shop . In that pack they mention that write ur wish on red paper n put it on that tortoise .. And after completing ur wish that tortoise leave in river …n where it placed…n if that tortoise placed in dish with some water then that water will effect on that red paper …paper will not dry …then what can I do …

      • i have a live tortoise in my home recently purchased fronm shop 1month back
        but some of them are saying its good yo keep a live tortoise in home and some are suggesting to remove the live tortoise from home and take a metal tortoise what should i do now plzz help me in this .

      • hi mam i got one live tortise in my plantation can i growth in my home or what should i do tell me mam
        if i can growth were it to be place tell me mam please

  6. Hi,

    I was gifted a crystal/glass turtle last year but I have kept it in my cupboard almost unpacked. I wish to bring it out now. Do I need to do any kind of ritual/pooja before using it for goodluck? Where should I place the turtle and does the water need to be changed daily? Please respond. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Karan,

      Thanks for the asking, There is no need of any ritual/pooja for placing turtle. As I mentioned in 3rd point, “Tortoise made of crystals should be either placed in South West or North West.”

      Have a nice time.

      • Hello Manta, you mentioned it to be placed on south west or north west. But if I have it on my office table, than where should I place it and facing towards which direction. Plz suggest. Thanks. Regards.

      • hi
        i have crystal turtle. i wanted to keep it in my office. which will be the best place? like at reception table or my cabin or conference room? and facing should be at which direction

      • We were gifted a glass tortoise at a wedding which my spuse and I attended. Recently we moved house and I unpacked it and placed it on our son’s cupboard in our bedroom. The bedroom is in the North East portion of the flat and we’re staying on rent. In the West is the kitchen and living room in the east section. The main door is in the South West (facing west) corner of the flat. Where should we place the figurine in such case for best results

  7. I have a floating candle holder (mud) in the shape of a tortoise which i use to keep my bamboo plant and is always filled with water. You mentioned that the water should be outside the tortoise whereas in this case, the water is inside the tortoise shaped bowl. Pls let me know if it is fine.

  8. Hi, is it ok if I keep the Tortoise in the North Eastern room, which is my Office Room as well. Plus, I have 2 of these, one is being used by my brother in the same room, and both the Tortoise are facing east. Please suggest on the same.

  9. I have metal tortoise please suggest me in which direction, in which pot, and what water level should be there in the pot?


  10. I am having a stone tortoise(mix colour doted with cream,red,black ) , in office. My office is in southwest direction of my godown area. In southwest direction there is a stairs to my office. Where to place the tortoise?

      • please suggest,which direction should i keep a crystal tortoise in my office table my entarenc door of the office is west and i am sitting in west side and front of table is east side,thanks

      • Hi Mamta,
        My home is West facing, as per ur suggestion if I keep my crystal turtle facing main door then it’s not East facing… By following both its contradicting…. Facing main door or East, only one option can be followed
        Pls suggest

      • There is a big confusion towards face of direction of tortoise .some of u said that face towards main entrance or some said towards inside home or some said towards West….. Kuber disha

      • Hey I have resin ur mud tortoise and their is some gap also in which we can put some wish . So is it necessary to have metal one ur. Mud ur resin tortoise are also. Gud can u answer my question

  11. Hi, I have bought a mud tortoise where it is like a bowl & can fill with water? is it ok to keep this type of tortoise where no option to deep its feet into water, please suggest..

  12. Hi ,
    I have a metal turtle with a metal plate.
    Can I keep it in my prayer place?
    If yes, which direction?
    Also, I have a crystal turtle in my living room. Do I need to keep it in water and which direction?

  13. Hi,
    can you guy’s tell me advantages and disadvantages of keeping a live turtle or tortoise at home if so advised to keep what type of turtle?

  14. Hello,

    My office is southwest facing, and directors cabin in north east zone.. am looking to buy tortoise. can you please help me which typ to buy and where to place it and in which direction..

  15. I have metal tortoise , please tell which place i should keep and how. In my life i am not getting any growth from everywhere i am going downgrade.

  16. actually i bought a tortoise in january in my home i kept my aquarium facig east in my dinning room, he died after few months can anyone tell what could be the reason and is it so that he took a big tenaion of my home with him plz reply

  17. I have 2 crystal tortoise in my shop . 1 is yellow & 2 is crystal clear white my shop is west faceing & cash counter is in south-west side so were can I put this tortoise in my shop.

  18. hi,i have live tortoise,where should i place him in my home,actually i found it on road and this is the first time to keep pet in my home???plzzz suggest me…..

  19. Hello Mam,

    I want to knoww which turtle to buy for enhanching business and wealth making and which turtle to buy for wish fulfilling .
    What to do with the turtle after our wish got fullfilled. Should we regualarly change the water of the plate kept below as I have heard that we don’t have to change the the water as evaporating water means our wish will be fullfiled as and when the water evaporates
    Awaiting for your reply soon .
    Best Regards

    • My office entrance is west facing and if I have 2 /3 wishes should I write it on one piece of paper or will have to buy different turtle for different Wishes.

  20. Hii very interesting Info’s,, just wanted to knw is it compulsory to keep ma ceramic turtle dipped in water??
    Can’t it be kept just like dat?????

  21. I have metal turtle with plate, which direction should i keep. My bedroom is in north and main door is south facing,
    Can you please help me out to keep turtle direction.

  22. i have a crystal tortoise and abowl.. i should place it in northwest but facing east only??
    and can we keep in bedroom with water..?

    and i even have a mud tortoise and a ceramic clay laughing buddha with a sack me with direections

  23. Hi my name is prasad nd I am looking to buy tortise which one u will suggest for our house..In our house room is in north east and kitchen is in north west east side main door and entering the main door we can see Pooja room please suggest me which tortise is best for our home and family

  24. how does keeping tortise in business place helps, can anyone explain…and i it is made of crystal then in which direction it has to be kept and facing which direction…pl suggest

  25. Hello I m Puja and I got a brass tortoise and a brass plate from Varanasi.. Plz can u suggest in which direction should I keep in my room and office as well. How much water should I put on the plate.. Should the tortoise float and also which day to keep the tortoise..when should I change the water weekly or daily. And while changing the water should I wash the tortoise too.. Plz suggest and help me.. Tons n tons of thanks in advance..


  27. Hello,
    I have a metal tortoise facing east placed on the north side without a plate. Is it fine or a plate filled with water of prime importance. Please suggest.

  28. I have a brass (pital) tortoise. Plz can u suggest in which direction should I keep in my home. How much water should I put on the plate.. Should the tortoise float and also which day to keep the tortoise..when should I change the water weekly or daily. And while changing the water should I wash the tortoise too.. Plz suggest and help me.

  29. Hello,

    U have mentioned about all form turtle except which I have a stone craved turtle, the face is facing towards west side.
    So please suggest me

  30. I have purchase 1 ring of tortoise can I wear it in my finger & tell Me which finger it will ok? and second can u tell me its good for me ??

  31. Guys, I have brought GLASS tortoise. I was impressed by looks and brought it. I seriously don’t know if it brings luck. Shop keeper told me to place the North / East corner facing towards to North. Can someone please recommend; if it is okay keeping at home – My general feeling is to have some happy / healthy life. Please kindly suggest.

  32. I have a brass tortoise. Plz can u suggest in which direction should I keep in my office.How much water should I put on the plate.. Should the tortoise float and also which day to keep the tortoise..when should I change the water weekly or daily. And while changing the water should I wash the tortoise too.. Plz suggest and help me.

  33. Hie
    Can anyone tell me
    My tortoise is of white colour n i think made of some mud or marbel or cermaic
    In which direction i should keep

  34. Hi..

    I hav two small wooden tortoise. I brought bcaz i liked it. And also i have one earth tortoise gifted by a friend.
    Pl advise do i have to keep them in water. If so then the vessel filled with water needs to be metal or made of any material.
    As of i have earth tortoise placed in SW and facing main door. Door position is SE and facing East.

    Thank you

  35. Hi,
    Recently I got one tortoise ring for my wife and she is wearing it on her left hand finger.
    Need to know if she need to wear it on left hand or right hand finger.
    Please suggest.


  36. Hi Sir

    I am newly married and I have 2 mud tortoise in my bed room. Is it Ok to keep it in pairs? How should I place them to get wealth, love and fortune?

  37. Hi! I have bought a crystal turtle and have put it on the NE corner of my office table in a bowl of water diagonally
    facing towards me. Is it correct. Plz clarify

    • Yes, you have to change water and also have to clean the pot or dish where you keep your crystal tortoise. It gives us wealth and peace of mind.

  38. Hi, i have two star tortoise… Nd wish to mk their home. Plz cud u tell me in whch direction should their home be in.??

  39. i want to make tortoise ring can any 1 suggest from where should i make ring from jewellery shop or online can i order and can any body tell me is there any changes after wearing this ring

    • sir, i purchased one glass tortoise for our house it is east face, main door located east face left corner door.
      at living room where should place it. please give reply

  40. I have a crystal tortoise at my office…
    My office poaition is towards NE opening towards face… Where should i keep dis tortoise…..its head should be facing which Direction…

  41. Dear Mamta,
    I really enjoyed reading your article and appreciate please tell me where shall I get tortoise feng shui (antique) with a plate metal medium sized perhaps I reside in mumbai. Thanks.


  42. Dear Mamta,
    Indeed. Which tortoise you kept for your home I recommend your choice would be supiror to choose. Kindly.


  43. Hi,
    I have a metal turtle can i place it in pooja room…pooja room is in north east corner…if yes how should i place the turtle facing towards which direction.
    turtle has some number written on its stomach… what does this numbers indicates. n i have heard if we write our wish n place it turtle stomach (which can b opened) the wish comes true….is it true.

  44. i have copper turtle and some numbers on the stomach and I have metal dish to put water in to soak the feet only in the water. i put that in my pooja room and pooja room is in north east direction. I put that turtle facing on north side. is this right or wrong. If wrong, suggest me the right direction please.

  45. Hi Mamta,

    My baby Tortoise was killed by Rat last night. Whole family is in great sorrow.
    I wanted to inform you all if you cannot really take care of tortoise so please don’t keep them in your house.
    Mamta, need your help in this. Why thus had happened?

  46. I have a crystal turtle in my living room. Do I need to keep it in water and which direction best for turtle face as per vastu ?
    ple replay


  48. my home is rectangular shape. and i have turtles living in water. . i m to make small permanent pool (underground) in between the noth and south. means it called the centre of the house.. but at the side… please. response

  49. I had got a small live tortoise in sea….should I keep it in my home…….?????
    Pizza reply immediately
    Tell me y should I keep it… there any bad effects by keeping it…..????

  50. Hi I am Umesh Awasthi,

    Couple of days ago a tortoise visited my home, and it had twenty nails, kindly advise me, should I take care of it or leave? And also inform me whether it’s a lucky for my family?

  51. Sir,
    I had brought a Metallic Tortoise. Can i place it in my Hall room and which direction,day and time i should perform this. Please advice.


  52. Hello I have 2 tortoise, one is made of ceramic and has two more tortoise depected on the top of it like baby’s on top of mother tortoise. And another one is made of mud which is a piggy bank. Now plz tell me where should I place these tortoise in my bedroom for good luck, good health and good fortune?.

  53. I have got a metal tortoise. I was told to write my wish on a red paper and to put it on the back of the tortoise.
    Do I need any correction… How to worship it..

  54. Hi i have two tortoise and four fishes. Where should i place him in my home, does they make us good luck. In which direction should be place him.

  55. Hi , I got one live tortoise from my friend as i have habbits of keeping and caring of pets . The size of tortoise was of 1Rs coin now its about 12cm long . Luckily i got one more tortoise near Canal last week. as the size of new tortoise is very big i am thinking to put it in my Farm house ( Well) or lake near by my my farm . what i should do . shall i put it in my well which is South East facing ?.

  56. I want to buy a live tortoise….which tortoise is good. I mean to ask how many nails should have to that tortoise….because many people said me that 18 nails are good some said 20 nails are good ….so pls help me …to solve my this problem

  57. I have a cristal tortoise kept on the south west corner of my table facing towards north. What should b it’s rite location on the office table and facing toward which direction. My office entry is from east side.

  58. Hey would like to know that If we place crystal tortoise In southwest direction then what should b kept in tray n if kept in nort west then what should be kept in tray?

  59. Hi,
    I bought metal tortoise from temple side shop with metal plate. But undeneath of tortoise some numbers are printed. So it is good to keep in water.
    Please reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    anil b.

  60. hi mamta, i have a crystal tortoise. i want to know where can i place it at my shop. my shop is north facing and i am sitting in east facing. can i place it at my back or my main counter table. plz reply

  61. Hi
    I have placed a crystal tortoise immersed in a glass bowl with water in the north-east of my home – in the pooja shelf. Since I my sonis very naughty I am unable to shift it to north west, also I have bathroom in that location. Kindly suggest me a remedy to increase its power.

  62. Hi,
    Myself Upendra Kumar, i want to buy tortoise for good money resources in home, good family health & happiness at home.

    So i request you to please suggest me which type of tortoise i have to buy for all these things.

  63. Hi,
    Some one has gifted us with a live turtle. is it good to have live turtle at home. If it is good to keep a live turtle at home, we will buy an aquarium for him. in which direction should we place the aquarium

  64. Sir,My son is fond of pets his friend gifted a pair of tortoise my relatives say it is not good there is a saying in Tamil also.Kindly guide.I feel that it is also living organism we are feeding it.

  65. Dear friends

    I just bought a family of five turtles made up of stone ( Sculptures) .
    Can any one suggest me how to place them and do not Is suspicious to place inside living room or outside room or whatever. I am very new to all this but the tortoise looks great so.I just asked my carvers to make them for me at my sculpture camp.

    All the readers and active members plz reply on what app +919871365608

    Plz plz write

  66. Om

    Im a tortoise lover i have live 4 american turtle and 1 start turtle….

    Just want to know its good to keep also want to wear tortoise ring for waelth health and prosperity

    1.But im confuse which material should i wear.

    2. Which fingure should men & women can wear.

    3. Tortoise ring should be facing which direction while waring on our body

    I.e head away from the body or head facing towared body.

    Waiting for positive reply



  67. I’m Planning to wear Silver tortoise ring , kindly can you guide me in which finger ithas to be worn & it has an rule n regulations which has to be followed while wearing it ……….

  68. I have a real turtle in my home is it good or bad and where should I keep it in my living area near mandir or bed room and in what direction I realy need to know about it .. and its a baby turtle .. and I would be really thankful if you give me some more information about it as I treat my turtle like my family member I play with it keep it in my hands and even sometimes I kiss my pet baby turtle .. is it ok?
    And to be frank I have noticed positive changes at my home since I have it in my house .. till now I don’t know its male or female ..
    I’ll be waiting for your response…

  69. Hi dear I have tortoise with baby plz recommend me where should i place it in our house which side n also face direction etc… plz reply

  70. Hi…
    I bought sliver turtle ring can u plz sguest in which finger should be worn by male n female. And one more thing wanted to ask where n in which facing should be turtle in crystal should be kept in office for money..please give details.


  71. HELLO SIR… which is best place to keep stone tortoise and stone nandi bull in the clinic. can they be place together or seperately facing what direction

  72. Hi i have silver tortoise .to usko mai ksunsi side pe rakhu? Aur uska face konsi side pe rakhna hai.? Uske niche plate kaunsa rakhu silver plate nahi hai

  73. 1. Can i keep two tortoise at home. One brass tortoise in Pooja room at northeast. and other glass on living room at East on TV unit.?
    2. Shall i keep it in Pooja room –>Temple or on the floor?
    3. Which one shall i keep in water? the one which is at pooja room or living room?

    • Instead of asking the question why don’t you write your experience; as you already keeping the live tortoise with you.

      How you are felling since you got this tortoise?

      Our experiences themselves teach the lessons to us and others. Am I right or wrong?

  74. My house in the Bangalore south bannerghatta road. Its 750 sft 2 BR Living hall, pooja, kitchen and bath facing main door east, No back door, sides and front are open. Unable to get a tenant for past 8 months despite house is in good strategic location. What remedial should be carried out. Stair case to south east. please advise!

  75. I have a crystal tortoise.. which direction should it be placed and weather i have to keep it in water or can just put it on table..

  76. hello,
    i just wanted to know whether keeping live tortoise n fishes at home is sign of good luck or bad luck?
    do reply.
    thank you.

  77. Hi Maam, I’ve read that tortoise made of wood should be placed in east or southeast direction, but my problem is that in my case we have bathroom and toilet in the east direction. I know it is not gud bt cant do much about it. What are the possibilities and since the tortoise is in wood, how is it possible to soak its feet in water ? plz suggest. Thanks

  78. Hello ma’am I have read crystal turtle should be into the water always.but when I am not at home for a month or so I can not pour water .What to do in this time

  79. some said me put chit in fen sui turtal mouth it will fufiil my dream .so i want to know which type of turtal i have purchase ,for specfically for studies ,mam/sir plz tell me its urgent for me n my family.

  80. Hi I am nelofar I am starting my first new business which turtle is good to keep on my new shop to get a good profit it’s a mobile shop. Where it should be kept mean in a good direction.
    Please reply me.

  81. Hi i am planning to buy a tortoise…. I do not wanna sound stupid or do not need a funny comment just want to know is buying tortoise good or getting it gifted is good please help

  82. In my house live star tortoise male and female are there
    Let me know where it has to be kept whether inside the house or outside the house or they should be kept in a tub of water? And if they are kept, in which direction should we keep them?
    Please advice the following consequences regarding star tortoise

  83. Hi ,
    I have a metal turtle with a metal plate.
    Can I keep it in my prayer place?
    If yes, which direction?
    Also, I have a crystal turtle in my living room. Do I need to keep it in water and which direction?

  84. Hi
    I have purchased a small crystal tortoise & want to place in my home ao please tell in which direction I place would be better

  85. We (Me and my wife) bought crystal turtle for office. So, my question is the position of crystal turtle for office & for home is the same or different?? Please help me for the same. Thank you!!!

  86. Hi
    We have a marble tortoise. Which is the appropriate place for it? We also have a ceramic tortoise floating in aquarium. Is that ok. Thanks

  87. Hi mam
    I have 18 legs tortoise, and 13 stars on up and 13 stars down, is it good to keep in my home, is there any uses of dat tortoise,, please help me wit this

  88. Hi ,

    I have a glass tortoise with a baby tortoise on top . It’s a dry fruit tray type.

    Which direction does it need to be kept .


  89. i want to take one tortoise tatoo on my right hand, so we have to take any precautions before we take according to vastu sashtra?

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  91. I am having cristal tortoise but my problem is my main entry of the house is facing North. in that case where should i place.

  92. Hi,
    I bought a joint tortoise couple showpiece made of resins. Is it mandatory to keep the same in water in living room or can be placed without water also.
    Your inputs will be appreciated.

  93. hi i bought crystal tortoise for shop for business. please tell me where to place crystal tortoise for increase in sales and good continuity

  94. I have crystal tortoise and my residence in south facing. Which direction to keep to promote business and financial status.

  95. Hi,

    Can you please suggest where to place crystal tortoise with crystal plate at workplace, for the great success and wealthy results ?

  96. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this.i have a glass turtle gifted from my friends can i place it in my office.

  97. Hello, I want to place white crystal tortoise in my bedroom almirah locker for wealth. My almirah face toward west. Is it right and which direction is good for placing.

  98. Hi,
    I have a real but stuffed ( dead ) turtle at home. It has been with me since last 15 years.
    Which is the best direction to keep it at home?

  99. I want to wear a silver tortoise ring in which hand & finger should I wear? & I want to keep a silver tortoise in my pooja room shld I keep it or no??

  100. I have a metal tortoise and kept in the north side. it is inside of the the water bowl. tortoise are sank in the water. is it good or bad ?

  101. Hi Sir, I have resin or mud turtle at home which has gaps in it where you can put something inside for fulfilling the wish. I have read that we have to write our wish on Yellow paper and put it inside, is it correct? Also shall I dip it in water bowl..I have something like below….Please advise.

  102. Hii himanshu i have a metal tortoises. Where should I place this one and what direction. Which place is best for it.

  103. where to keep wooden tortoise for good health, somebody told be it should be in north east, please do suggest

  104. I have kept tortoise east facing but main door is there in front of that….is it ok? Advise Any other direction to keep it’s face…


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