Important Considerations When Purchasing Custom Entrance Doors


The front door is one of the most important parts of a home – it’s something that the people who live there use every day, and it’s often the first thing that visitors encounter. This is why many homeowners are opting for custom entrance doors, as they are looking to make an impact on the design. To ensure that you have made the right choice for your home, there are some considerations that you should take into account during the design phase.

  1. Consider The Sun

Consider The Sun

Which direction does your door face, and how much sun does it receive? If it faces east, west or even south, the direct sunlight will limit your options in materials, as intense sun exposure can cause damage. This is especially a problem for doors that are quite high, such as 8 feet or taller. If you have a porch, an overhang, or the entrance faces north; you won’t have to worry about this so much.

  1. Consider The Materials

Consider The Materials

Many different materials are suitable for use in the construction of doors. The most common are solid timber, fiberglass, and a sort of layered hybrid (the interior is foam and plywood, which is covered by timber veneer). Other options are also available, such as metal and glass. While there is no such thing as a maintenance-free option, a fiberglass entrance will come close.

  1. Consider The Style

Consider The Style

There are countless custom entrance doors styles to choose from, but it should be noted that professionals will try to choose one that suits the overall style of your home’s architecture and interiors. Look at images (either online or in magazines) to get an idea of what you like – do you like rectangular or arch shapes; do you like the solid look or raised panels; do you like a clean façade or a more intricate one?

  1. Consider Light vs. Privacy

Consider Light vs. Privacy

This is a very important consideration, as it can affect the whole design. If your entrance faces a busy street, you might prefer a solid door that prevents passersby from staring directly into your home. But if this area of your home is quite dark inside, you might prefer some windows that help to draw sunlight in. Sidelights and panes of glass (frosted or textured) can help you get the best of both worlds.

  1. Consider Interior And Exterior Trim

Consider Interior And Exterior Trim

Remember that, when you add a new door, you have to add a new frame, jamb and trim on the interior and exterior so that everything marries up. It is also important to note that damage could also be caused to the brick mold around the entrance – while the installer will exercise care, this is sometimes unavoidable. Ensure that they will match the existing trim or that they will replace the whole lot.

By taking each of the above considerations into account when creating your custom entrance door, you can rest assured that it will be the perfect addition to your home. If you run into any problems making a decision, ensure that you speak with a professional – they will be able to offer advice and suggestions based on your home and your particular needs. Just keep in mind that the custom route is always going to be on the expensive side.

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