Important Functions and Advantages of Aluminium Roller Shutters for Windows

On December 3, 2015 by Justin Jersey

Roller shutters are placed in door and window openings to guard the property from external intrusion, noise, natural disturbances like snow, heavy winds, rain, hail and the sun. The main structural element of roller shutter system is a curtain having Aluminium roll with extruded or formed profiles. Various important functions performed by the roller shutter systems include:
Aluminium Roller Shutters For Window

  • Break in Protection: Security of a shop, office and home is most important and roller shutters effectively accomplish this requirement.
  • Weather Protection: Roller shutters are reliable in protection of the window against harsh atmospheric effects like rain, snow, hail, heavy winds etc. They also protect the furniture and other home furnishings against fading under the influence of sun rays.
  • Energy Saving: Air gap created between the roller shutter and the windows when a curtain is rolled down acts like a flask i.e. roller shutters help to maintain the optimum temperature in the house by keeping the house chilled during hot weather and warm during winters. Thus, around 20% of energy is saved.
  • Noise Protection: The usage of Aluminium profiles with foam insulation helps in reducing the noise level.
  • Guard Against Stranger Tweeting: Your privacy is under superb protection with the use of these shutters. They are appropriate for the higher floors i.e. first floor and above.

Because of variety of shutter box designs and wide range of color solutions, the roller shutters are also considered as an ornamental element of the front wall of highlighting the modern style of the house.

Aluminium Roller Shutters
Roller shutters are enduringly exposed to severe situations such as heat waves, storms and various weather elements. In such cases material plays a very important role. Thus, Aluminium is a valuable, high grade material that offers better durability and longer product life. They retain their shape and color. Aluminium roller shutters are resistant to corrosion and are sturdy, reliable and environment friendly. There is a wide range of Aluminium roller shutters for windows present in the market place with variety of components and profiles including guide rails, shutter boxes, manual drives, end caps and many more.

Aluminium is a real “all rounder”. It is light in weight and yet is a stronger material with excellent anti corrosion characteristics. It also provides you with an easy to operate, durable and pleasing roller shutter system which can be installed in commercial and residential buildings for better protection and safety.

Advantages of Aluminium Roller Window Shutters are:

  • Easy Installation
  • Rust Free Surface
  • Smooth Handling and Trouble Free Operation
  • CFC Free Foam for Torsion Proof, Reverberation Free Quiet Operation
  • Profiles Have Grooves in Them for Increased Strength and Better Look
  • Consistent in Operation, As Aluminium Expands Less than Plastic When Exposed to Heat
  • Premium Quality, Thick Layer Powder Coating for Long Term Color Brightness Without any Requirement for Recoating.

So, in order to enjoy the benefits of Aluminium roller shutters, the systems must be installed professionally. The range of Aluminium Roller Shutters for windows includes variety of colors and operating styles. Aluminium roller shutters can be manually operated or with the help of a motor. In most of the houses, manual operation is preferred. In this the winch control is buried into the cavity of a stud wall which is covered by a face plate. This plate allows the operator to insert the handle into the winch and gently rotating it thus controlling the roller shutter to a position of their choice. Single Aluminium roller shutter is 3.6 meter in width and infinite spans can be achieved by support mullions.

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  • My wife and I are looking for new shutters to use in our living room, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how rolling shutters are reliable against harsh weathers like snow and hail. We get a lot of bad storms here, so we’ll definitely consider roller shutters for their added protection.

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