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Spending the Sunday afternoon volunteering to do important home maintenance can be a crucial task since, for most Americans, our homes are our biggest investment. Maintaining your home can feel like a daunting chore, especially for a new homeowner. From your external grounds to your roof repair, regular maintenance of your homes is a must.

Here are a few of the important home maintenance checklists that you can use to tickmark for your home:-

  1. Spring Clean-up Start outside by raking up the leaves, mulch, weeds, etc. You can even hire a lawn care service for the same.
  2. Trees If your property has trees around, then inspect them and check for any sign of illness or dead branches.
  3. Lawns and HedgesReseed your lawn by filling the bald patches and planting various species.
  4. Hello, Lawnmowers! – With the snow season gone, pull out the lawnmower and give the grass a check-up.
  5. Gutters They control the flow of rainwater while protecting the roof. A clogged gutter can also cause roof leaks; therefore, it is necessary to take care of it.
  6. PaintExterior paint is a smart way to make your home look aesthetic and save it from exterior damage. If you have a sign of peeling or chipping paint, then a touch-up or fresh coat can be done.
  7. House BathSpring is a great time to make sure that you give your home an external scrub to wash all the winter away.
  8. Patios and DecksSweep your patios and deck clean since, during winter, they seem to accommodate heavy leaves and debris.
  9. Check for any mildew fungus on the exterior of the house, such as patio, decks, walls, etc. You can clean this up by scrubbing.
  10. HVACCheck all your central heat and air, AC Compressor, fixing your air conditioner, ducts, etc., to ensure that all the systems are running smoothly. This is important home maintenance.
  11. Plumbing Check all your pipeline systems for drips or flappers in the tanks.
  12. Re-Caulk your showers, tubs, washbasins, sinks, etc., to prevent any water damage to the walls.
  13. Roof RepairsSince roofs are a major element in your household, they become the foremost priority. Whether it is a wear and tear issue or broken shingles, many companies nowadays even give you a free estimate. There are concerns like fallen tree limbs, holes from hails, and many other types of wear and tear that are taken care of.

Roof repairs are necessary to ensure that you take care of all the major weathering concerns in the initial step itself to avoid further major damages of any kind. Call your nearby roof advisor to make sure that your roofs are healthy.

  1. Smoke alarms It is very necessary to check your home to protect it from untimely fires.
  2. Check Pressure Valve Drain your water heater and check your pressure valve. Check your septic tanks as well to make sure that they are maintained often.
  3. Chimney Cleaning While going for roof repairs, make sure that you are cleaning your chimneys as well. You can schedule an appointment for the same.
  4. Pest Controlling your home to prevent or eliminate insects such as termites, carpenter ants, etc., has become necessary in today’s time.

The checklist is endless, although do remember to consult a professional advisor while doing any important home maintenance to make sure that your homes are 100% secure.

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