Important Questions You Should Ask Before You Choose A Pest Control Company


Pest Control

To most homeowners, inviting a pest control Ellenbrook company into your home is not typically an enjoyable experience. The job entails handling many different pests, which are often very dangerous or can carry diseases. Pests include rodents, termites, mosquitoes and bed bugs to name a few. So when it is time to invite a pest control company into your home, there are some questions that you should be asking to ensure that they will do the best possible job at eliminating all of your unwanted guests.

  1. Who Will Come Out To Treat My House?

Some companies specialise in certain types of pests while other companies can handle them all. Ensure you hire someone who specialises in what you need by calling around and requesting quotes. For example, if you have mice, contact a company that specialises in rodent removal.

Asking this question will help ensure that the company you decide to hire has experience dealing with your problem. Companies experienced at dealing with specific pests typically know more about them than companies that do not specialise. This is especially true for termites and bed bugs because they can be extremely complicated to get rid of.

  1. What Chemicals Or Tools Will Be Used?

Different pest control companies use other chemicals, from natural products to very harsh treatments. Ask what chemicals they will use on your house if safe for pets and young children (and any other restrictions). Check if there are any harmful chemicals listed on the label. Be sure you know what to expect. If they are using harsh chemicals, ask how often they will return to your home and how long it is safe to stay away from the house during the treatment. Also, be sure to understand how long their chemicals remain effective (how long before pests can return).

You should also find out what tools they use to get rid of pests if it is something other than chemicals. Some companies specialise in heat treatments or cold treatments, for example. If someone uses a tool you are uncomfortable with, do not hire them.

  1. Can I Speak With Previous Customers?

Ensure that you are comfortable with the company by requesting references from past customers who have had similar problems as yours. Get their telephone numbers and ask the company to connect you with them to ask specific questions about their home treatment. For example, ask how successful they have been at treating similar problems and what measures were used to deter future outbreaks from happening again.

  1. How Long Will It Take To Get Rid Of My Pests?

You should receive a timeframe of how long it will take for your pest control company to eliminate all signs of an infestation, both inside and outside of your home. However, most companies cannot give a definite time frame until the day that they begin working on your home. Some companies require a lot longer, plus more visits, than others. Be sure to discuss this issue with your potential company because if you do not feel that they are giving you a realistic timeframe, you may move on to another company.

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