Impressive Facts About Mosquitoes Life Cycle


The life of a mosquito isn’t a simple one. The danger of being eaten harmed by pesticides, destroyed, or swatted is one that is steady in the lives of mosquitoes. Furthermore, with such a significant number of dangers, it would be stated that mosquitoes live short. The length of the mosquito life cycle and lifespan shifts among species and is reliant upon environmental conditions, for example,  moisture, temperature, and other factors.

The existence cycle of all mosquitoes involved the egg, larval, pupae, and grown-up stages. However, through their adjustment, the insect has endured history as one of the deadliest animal categories on earth. The whole life span of a mosquito may shock you.

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Stages Of Their Life Cycle:

Like I said early, mosquitoes’ life cycle comprises of the eggs, larval, pupal, and adult stage. Let’s take a look at how these stages work.

First Stage: ( the eggs) Warning!! Do not ever leave standing water around your house; this is a pleasant environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. The main reason is that mosquito eggs require water to develop. The male mosquito feeds on nectar while the female feeds on the blood of a host in other to nourish and develop the eggs. Furthermore, some of the female mosquitoes lay their eggs directly into the water while others lay at the edge of the water.

Second Stage: (the larval) this is the baby stage for mosquitoes. The eggs hatch in larvae within 25 to 48 hours. Larvae grow into 5 mm long. The large larvae can be seen above the water surface floating. They breathe through air tubes, and they cannot survive without water. Larvae are aquatic creatures, and they feed on bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms found in the water.

Third Stage: (the pupae) it takes seven to ten days for the larvae to enter the pupae stage. This is like an immature stage for mosquitoes. The pupae are called “tumblers”; they don’t eat; they swim around in the water. The pupae are short, and they have a curvy body with a large head on one side and flippers on the other side for swimming. After a mosquito is entirely developed, it will rise as an adult from its pupal case. At this time, the new adult stands upon the water and dries its wings to get ready for flight.

Final Stage: (adult stage) the adult mosquitoes are comprised of a head with two large compound eyes, a thorax, a couple of scaled wings, and six jointed legs. They have radio wires and a proboscis. The male need to hang tight for about a day, to entirely improvement of their reproductive organs. They will have to wait to get a mate, but in the process of waiting, they spend that time-consuming nectar, unlike the female mosquitoes. However, looking for a mate is a bit tricky, unlike humans, who can browse through websites to pick a date. The male mosquitoes use a different strategy for discovering the female.

Furthermore, the male seeks out a female to mate with by listening to the sound of the female wings, which is usually from 250-500 sound per minute. When the mosquitoes mate and the female is fertilized, the mosquito life cycle is sustained, the duty of the male mosquito is done. The male mosquito at least three to five days after mating, except if he is killed or eaten. However, the female who will only mate once in her life lives longer than the male. The female mosquito lays eggs at about every three days.

Finally, mosquitoes are dangerous to health; they spread diseases and are responsible for millions of death around the world. However, you can prevent mosquitoes from residing within your environment either by homemade remedies or hiring a professional pest control operator near you.

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