Improve The Beauty And Durability Of Your Home With Concrete


Concrete is not just a functional item for the outdoors anymore. Embellished concrete floors can match your home décor. Stains and sealants make the surface attractive and waterproof. You may see concrete flooring in restaurants and stores because of its durability. It is an excellent option for family homes, as well. Many flooring materials require excessive maintenance and become damaged easily. You can expect several benefits when you switch to concrete.


Concrete Floors

Many people are switching to concrete to save money. Older homes often have carpet due to its low pricing. Carpet, however, is challenging to care for. Ceramic tile is not optimal when you are on a budget, even though it is low maintenance. Laminate floors are mid-range when it comes to pricing but may not do well in high traffic areas. You can opt for a neutral stain on concrete to keep costs low or order a customized stain with artwork to match your décor.


Concrete Floors Colors

Many people enjoy adding their favorite colors to the home when they are renovating. A professional can stain concrete to coordinate with your furniture, the kitchen cabinets, or artwork. Earth tones go well with anything, leaving you a lot of leeway for decorating. You can be a little adventurous with your color choices, as well. Add a hint of your favorite color to change your bedroom or living area subtly. If you prefer something more artistic, choose a custom design for your concrete floor. This is a great way to accent a large, open room.


Durable Concrete Floors

It is common to change the flooring in a home when kids arrive. The mess that seems to follow can be overwhelming with some floors. Carpet is especially challenging to deal with when you have young children. Stop cleaning floors and enjoy life. Concrete floors are an excellent addition for families with children and pets. They can run, spill, and drop things without ruining them.

Cleaning Up

Concrete Floors Cleaning

Cleaning your concrete floors is so comfortable the whole family can help. There is no need for a high vacuum or steam cleaner. With sealed concrete, you can sweep and mop. Your new puppy and toddler are no matching for a quality concrete floor. Hard floors are also popular for people with allergies. They do not hold in the dust like carpet.

Take it Outside

Outdoor Concrete Floors

Concrete is still one of the most popular choices for outdoor areas. Forget the plain paved driveways and solid back porches of the past. You can choose from a variety of patterns to make the outside of your home as stylish as the inside. They also last for years, even with the weight of patio furniture or an outdoor kitchen. A concrete contractor can assess your home and help you plan the perfect design for any area. A concrete zone in your backyard gives you a place for outdoor dinners, kids birthday parties, and lounging.

Concrete is a versatile choice, as it works well in many types of homes. You can get one contractor to handle both the inside and outside areas. Concrete flooring in the home can blend in with your décor or add a pop of color. Custom designs also add a unique touch. Speak with a professional at Lowell Russell Concrete to begin updating your home.


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