Improve The Look Of Your Dining Room With These Easy Tips


Dining Room

After spending a year stuck at home, you’re no doubt itching for a change. Whether you have an endless budget or need an inexpensive way to freshen things up, read on for our top ideas on how to improve the look of your dining room.

Don’t Discount The Power Of Color

One of the simplest yet most impactful changes you can make to any room is changing the color. You can opt to repaint your home if your budget allows it completely, or you can target specific areas. Remember, color affects mood, so choose carefully. The modern trend of feature walls allows you to get bold with patterns and colors. While a loud, bright color or vibrant wallpaper might be too overwhelming on all walls (especially in a small room), it can be a wonderful way to brighten up the feel of a room that’s become tired and washed out. It also acts to draw the eye, helping you create a focal point and define the room’s structure more clearly.

If the budget doesn’t extend to a full repaint, try to use color in other ways. If you aren’t in a position to buy some delightful new furniture to change the color mood, introduce some vibrance with refreshed scatter cushions and throw pillows. Add a vase or other solid decor item in your new scheme to anchor the theme.

Flower Power

With spring in the air, it’s time to harness some of that magic for yourself. If you’re prone to allergies, investing in some gorgeous silk flowers is a nice way to capture a fresh look without aggravating your delicate nose further. Flowers offer a sense of vibrancy and hope to space, something that always goes over in a dining room and can make you feel refreshed and space seem airy.

Upgrade Your Flatware And Dinnerware

If you’re happy with your dining room but still feel that dinner parties are falling flat, you can add some extra vibrance with upgraded tableware. Opt for a stylish new set of flatware, upgrade your centerpiece, or swap out the napkins and tablecloth for a quick fix. You can even look at changing your dinner plates for a new mood. If you have a beautiful formal dining set you haven’t been using because you’re missing pieces, don’t despair; there are resources to help you find missing flatware pieces.

Pull The Rug Out From Under Your Feet

If your current floor treatment is looking dingy and old, then almost nothing else you do to the room (including upgrading your furniture’s formal dining look) will look good with it. Ideally, if the floor treatment is past its best, it’s time to rip it out and start fresh. If it’s still good, invest in a deep clean, and use area rugs to add some flair. They’re a nice way to create ‘islands’ of purpose, such as around the dining table, in front of a fireplace, or in a formal sitting space. While it’s important to balance your room with your eye, you typically want your rug to have the feet of heavy furniture items touching it, which helps tie the room together.

Having a beautiful, formal dining room feels like having a true heart for your home. We strongly suggest investing in high-end furniture that meets your formal entertainment/dining needs, but even on a smaller budget, you can create a room of which you will be proud.

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