Improve The Look Of Your Home Textured Render Finish


For most people, attention to the dull and falling exterior finish is given only when it is time to renovate and remodel the house. People usually focus only on the interior setups and transformations, completely sidelining the exteriors. However, they should not be overlooked as they affect the overall ambience of the house to a great extent.

Home Textured Render Finish

When you enter any street in the town, there are varieties of properties you come across. Some look appealing in the first go, some appear modern, and some seem older and worn out. We form these impressions only by looking at the exteriors and not the interiors. What the exteriors require is a textured render finish. Providing a textured render finish is the initial application that can completely change the looks of your house, villa, or bungalow. Now, what does rendering mean? Render is the mixture of cement, water, and lime applied on to the brick walls to provide the complete finishing touch. The choice of render finish depends upon various factors and needs the utmost focus.

Understand The Features And Effects Of Textured Render Finish

Effects Of Textured Render Finish

While choosing any component or method concerning house renovation or construction, it is essential to know what impact it would have on the building. Have a look at a few of the reasons to opt for a textured render finish.

  • Aesthetic value: historically, the rendering process helps in enhancing the looks of the house. The render coat helps in removing the dull look, which mainly appears due to the normal wear and tear of the bricks. Even if you have applied the render and there appear some cracks, it can be re-rendered easily. Though the block is painted yet, it looks shabby with time. Install the render coat and ensure regular painting in a lapse of a year or two. This beautifully describes the beauty and texture of the house.
  • Avoids damp penetration: leaving the bricked house can be the perfect invitation for lots of issues. Most importantly, when the exterior bricks remain exposed for a prolonged time, it can damp. At the time of the rainy season, water makes an entry through the bricks leading to damp penetration. However, remember that if you are opting for a textured render finish, do consult the experts if the house has issues relating to dampness.
  • Provides insulation to the house: the rendering coat ensures thermal regulations in the house. It would be wise to prefer rendering rather than exterior insulation, which is pretty costly. Rendering, in one way, helps in improving the thermal performance of the house. You can quickly know the difference in cost concerning exterior insulation and the rendering. Do not feel stressed if your home is too old; rendering is still a beneficial option for you.

Textured Render Finish

Factors determining the choice of textured render finish

Undoubtedly, there are multiple benefits of choosing to render finish for your exterior.

  • Age of the building: the material selection dramatically depends upon the building age. No doubt, it provides an attractive look combined with the best weatherproof features, yet the selection, preparation, and maintenance of textured render finish require consideration.
  • Base material or substrate: the selection of base material for the perfect and pleasing textured render finish depends upon its quality, exposure level, durability, and so on.

There are certain pre-steps which have to be followed before the final rendering starts. The render acts as the bonding agent that safeguards your house from all environmental factors, including rain, wind, and sunlight. Safeguard your external walls and worn-out bricks with the perfect render coat. Rectify and get it recovered from professionalized hands so that it looks authentic and appealing.

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