Improving Home Security: Why Every Home Should Have Security Doors


Each year more and more homeowners are working hard to make their homes safer as burglaries and break-ins become more frequent. When it comes to securing your home, there is an array of different tactics and security installations that you can undertake to protect you and your family.

Securing Your Home

Security Doors In Living Area

Installing alarm and security systems, convincing burglars you’re home by leaving the lights, TV, or radio on, trimming the garden to create a more unobstructed view of the house, and locking valuables away are just some of the well-known yet essential strategies that homeowners should consider.

Perhaps one of the essential home security investments you can make is the installation of security screen doors. Without a security door, you are essentially inviting burglars to enter your home as it is easy for intruders to break their way through a standard door. Security doors act as the first line of defense, providing significant deterrence against any unwanted visitors. Burglars look for an excellent opportunity, and they will consider how long it could take it to get in the house before they decide to intrude. By making it harder and longer for them to get inside your home, you are decreasing the likelihood of them attempting to enter.

Benefits Of Security Doors

Door Security System

Security doors are, most importantly, solid and sturdy. Made from steel or aluminum and with sturdy frames, security doors are difficult to break, making it very tough for intruders to attempt to enter your home. In comparison to most other types of doors, security doors are more expensive yet are more durable and will last a lot longer. The strength and effectiveness of security doors can be further increased with the addition of strong locks. Heavy-duty locks and a deadbolt will allow for maximum security and are highly recommended. Many home insurers also require certain locks as part of their insurance policy requirements.

The benefits of security doors also extend beyond protecting as they can also add value to your property and improve appearance.

What Should You Look For In A Security Door?

Door Hinges

Aside from strong locks, it is also essential that a security door has at least three hinges with pins that cannot be removed. Three sturdy hinges will prevent burglars from removing the door, providing better protection.

Steel is stronger than aluminum and so consider a steel door if you’re looking for the most effective security door.

Fibreglass mesh is the most common mesh used in security doors; however, there is also the option of a grille. What you choose will depend on the look of your home and your personal preferences regarding airflow.

Can I Have A Flyscreen Instead Of A Security Door?

Flyscreen Door

Flyscreens are not made to provide security and should not be used as a security screen. Flyscreens are as the name suggests, ideal for keeping out flies and insects while still allowing gentle airflow throughout the house. Flyscreens often have to be repaired and replaced more frequently as they can be easily broken. If security is your priority, then a security door will be most suitable.


Protecting your home and your family from intruders is highly essential, and effort should be made to ensure your home is completely secure. Installing security doors will provide a significant level of protection, defending your home from potential break-ins. Security doors are a long-term solution that will give you peace of mind for a long time to come.

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  1. It is good to know that security doors are effective at keeping intruders out of my home. The fact that these doors are durable and last over time would make it worth the initial investment if they are a bit more expensive than other doors. Also, it would definitely give me peace of mind to know that I am doing everything possible to protect my family.

  2. I like that you mentioned a good security door has at least three hinges with pins that can’t be removed. The family and I recently moved to a new area and we wanted a little extra security just to be safe. Maybe we should look into getting some security doors installed and see how that helps.

  3. I like that this article mentioned that security doors can add value to your property. I am trying to make my house more protected, and this seems like a good idea. Thank you for these tips, I will keep them in mind as I keep doing research.

  4. My brother is thinking about getting some security doors for his home. I’ll be sure to tell him whey he should get them. He would really like to get them from a professional.


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