Improving The Value Of Your Residential Property With Electrical Certification


Qualified Electrician

Statistically, almost 4 people are killed or badly injured every day because of electrical hazards. This brings out attention to an alarming threat to our lives – electricity. Therefore, conducting various tests to ensure safety is absolutely vital. This is where Hexo Electrical Testing comes in, ensuring your entire electrical system’s safety in a building.

This report shows a safe living place and gives value to any residence by a significant degree. Let’s see how.

What Is An EICR?

An EICR is a report that is issued after a detailed electrical analysis and approval of your home. A qualified electrician or inspector carries out this inspection. In case the electrician finds a code 1 problem, he will try to fix it right then and there. If a code 2 problem is detected, the electrician will issue you proper recommendations to get it repaired within a specified time period.

During this inspection, a report will be prepared signed by the electrician. This report will then be sent to an electric company which will approve it. This entire process can take almost a week or so.

How To Prepare For An EICR?

There are certain things to keep in mind before having your home inspected.

  • Make sure your electrician turns off the main power supply before inspecting the wiring. You won’t have any access to electrical devices; obviously, it wouldn’t be a good day to work from home. The best thing is to let the inspectors do their job peacefully and then have the power supply back on once they’re completely done.
  • Make sure your electrician can freely access all circuits, sockets, plugins, and light switches. This means you need to make space for them to work with ease. Clear up offices, children’s rooms, and lofts may take a bit of effort.
  • It is quite normal for electricians to issue you the recommendations for remedial works after a few days. It takes at least 48 hours to analyze the data properly after the inspection process. It might take longer, especially if your home needs extensive repair work. In such a case, you should expect an extra visit from your electrician to discuss all possible options that might work for the better.
  • You shouldn’t be surprised to see some failures in your electrical system. Working lights and fans doesn’t necessarily mean the underlying system as a whole has no bugs.
  • Remember, the problems surfacing after the first inspection process can be quite expensive. Once these failures are recovered, the second or third check will most likely give off minor issues.
  • Make sure your electrician is qualified and has good work experience.

Benefits Of EICR

  • The value of your property will improve manifold because of a safe living experience.
  • Your insurance company might require you to show them EICR in case of a claim.
  • This is particularly significant in legal procedures for records needs.

Your home is your safe zone, so make everything it has, and defines safety for its residents. With a single report, you can enhance the value of your place. Just let the electricians pave your way to a safe and secure living experience.

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