Include Kids’ Needs When Doing A Kitchen Remodel!


Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are the most popular home renovations and adds the most value to your home. The kitchen is the most used area in the house, and it is often used as a congregation area for family and friends when they visit. Many older properties were built with smaller kitchens, so many homeowners are turning to kitchen remodelling projects and designing the kitchens of their dreams. The kitchen’s aesthetics should not be the most important factor in the design. Kitchen remodels such first and foremost be designed for the homeowner’s comfort and requirements, then for the aesthetics.

Families with children, especially very young ones, have specific needs for their kitchen remodel design. Safety needs to take precedence over everything else. An experienced kitchen renovation contractor will help you design a stylish new kitchen, both stunning and child-friendly.

Kitchen Remodeling With Child Safety In Mind

Any homeowner with children knows safety in the kitchen is an absolute must. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for little people, so appropriate safeguards need to be taken when planning a kitchen remodelling project. There are a number of necessary design modifications for safety that need to be made.

  • Shelving Height

The shelves and cabinets need to be high out of reach, but it is important to have one or two that little arms can reach for when your child becomes more independent. Maybe a cupboard containing the child’s dinner plates.

  • Appliance Safety 

Have your larger appliances made tip-proof? By having wider countertops, smaller appliances and other things can be pushed back, so they are not accessible.

  • Taller Appliances With Lockable Doors

When buying larger appliances, get taller models, and for ones that open: refrigerators and washing machines, for example, you can purchase childproof locks.

  • Cabinet Safety 

Choose cabinets that can easily have handles, and other hardware changed when your children are older. For now, you need lockable doors and handles that are plain with no edges.

  •  Flooring Options 

Smaller children lose their balance very easily, so you need a non-slip floor. There are many options to choose from that look great, including textured tiles, linoleum and laminate floors.

Adding In Utility For The Whole Family

When planning a kitchen makeover for your family, consider a more open design. This will enable you to monitor small children while working in the kitchen. Incorporating a large island or breakfast bar would allow the children to play, carry out homework, or do other quiet activities whilst you’re in the kitchen. It will keep them away from danger. A large island would also make it easier for the whole family to congregate in the kitchen area for quality time.

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