Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas For This Festive Season


With Christmas on the horizon, everyone is in a festive mood. Rooms are getting remodeled, houses are getting painted all over, and everything looks so colorful and jolly. You can also add beauty to your house, especially during the week of Christmas till New Year, using a few creative ideas. Decorating your house for Christmas can be really interesting, and your children would love to lend a hand in this. Here are a few easy décor ideas for Christmas that would be really easy on your pocket and bring out the decorator within you. Check these out and get inspired:

Create A Unique Outdoor Décor

The Christmas Light in the Outdoor Space

If you have a front yard that leads to the house entrance, you should first decorate that area. It will be the first place that will be noticed by the guests while coming in. Collect pinecones of different sizes and arrange them in pots. Pinecones are totally inexpensive, and if you use white pots, they will give a whole new look to your porch.

Special Tips – To enhance the beauty, you can put the smallest pinecone on top to look like a tree. Place as many pots as possible, but make sure they do not look too crowded as that will otherwise spoil the beauty of the décor.

Adorn The Entrance For Guests

Christmas Decorations Entryway

Decorating the entrance would be perfect to create a dramatic welcome for the guests. You can use simple plastic earns or decorative ones available on FabFurnish offers and fill them with tall foam cones. This would give that special Christmas kind of feeling to the entire house, and it would look superb when you are coming in.

Special Tips – Anchor the foam cone with sand in the urn and add a florist stick to the cone. Attach big and small Christmas balls with wires to make them look even more attractive and dazzling.

Light Up The Living Room

Christmas Decoration Ideas

The living room will be the center of attraction as all the guests will be in this place. Different types of attractive Fairy lights and Styrofoam balls are easily available which you can use. Please take a couple of these balls and wrap them with strands of battery-powered fairy lights. Tie them or tape them to the ceiling or loop them around curtain rods.

Special Tips – Buy Styrofoam balls of different sizes so that the living room looks more attractive. You can also choose different colored lights if you think too much white light would make the room too bright.

The Ultimate Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Lights

A Christmas tree is a must and a very important part of Christmas decoration. It would be best to keep it in the living room and decorate it with Christmas balls of various colors, ribbons, stars, Christmas socks, and other stuff that you were planning to purchase using Shopclues. A medium-sized tree would be the most appropriate for this purpose, and you can keep it just beside the fireplace or in the corner of the room.

Special Tips – Use artificial foam on the tree to make it look like snowfall. This will not only look amazing but will create the perfect Christmas setup. Attach a big star on top of the tree using wires and complete the decoration.

This festive season, try these inexpensive yet creative ideas and completely change the way your house looks. Your children will gleam with happiness, and Christmas will feel a lot more cozy this year. So, don’t wait anymore and start collecting the decorations right from today!

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