Innovative Colored Glass Ideas To Redesign Office Interior


Innovative Colored Glass

There have been a lot of new ideas and creative thoughts to the modern day designs in office interior, one of which is making severe rounds is the use of glass as part of the design structure of the office, and furthermore to add some elegance to the office, the use of colored or tint glass is introduced.

The use of glass materials for office interiors has become a natural first choice, and one of the reasons could be, the ease with which demountable interior glass gives room for flexibility, in that if the need to reconfigure, rearrange or expand comes, you don’t have to break down anything as in the case of walls but just unmount the glass and rearrange to whatever position or style you desire.

Glass walls, ceiling designs, glass room dividers, sliding doors, partition walls and wall design ideas are some of the most famous glass applications in modern interior design. Glass offers that beautiful and serene work environment in an office, allowing the flow of natural sunlight throughout the room.

The use of glass in the interior of an office offers various kinds of advantages, some of which are;

Red Glass Window

  • Space: glass helps in maximizing the scope of an office no matter how small it is, it makes the office look spaces and automatically creates that level of caution and carefulness, so you don’t end up breaking or spilling any form of dirt on it
  • Demarcation: one common use of the glass in the interior of offices is to demarcate between offices and pathways. It efficiently divides between offices and still gives space for both or more departments to work with ease.
  • Sound Protection: Glasses in general block the expulsion of sound from a room better than walls does in any given environment. Most offices have a conference room demarcated with glass all through that regardless of whether the office is see-through or not, meetings can be held in there without anyone who isn’t in the meeting room having the slightest idea of what is being said in the conference.
  • Privacy: This is achieved in some cases with the colored or tint glass being used instead of the plain see through the glass. Most offices especially the office room of a senior member install the colored glass types that enable them to see what is happening outside the office, but one doesn’t know what is happening in the office from outside.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Glass generally are easy to clean and maintain as long as there are kept clean regularly and are cleaned with the right agent.

The one thing that can pose some level of difficulty is in how and where to use these glass materials without entirely messing up the look of the office itself. Here are a few ideas you can work with when redesigning your office interior.

Switchable Glass Color

  1. Colored tint glass as space divider: if you are battling with how to split up space without having to close it out entirely, then the simple and easy way to achieve this is by using colored glass. It takes the place of wood or wall and still adds beauty to the place.
  2. The glass used as walls: as earlier stated, glass is a better sound proof than walls, most offices use this for sound privacy regardless of whether it is transparent or not.
  3. A Sliding glass door: an office entrance with a sliding glass door, it makes way for the entry of natural light into the office premises, and offices that depends mostly on the use of artificial light can also have a share in the presence of natural daylight. This also goes a long way in reducing the expenses that go into electricity and artificial light.
  4. Glass floor: Having a glass floor in an office may seem a bit extreme, but in an office building with different floor level, a glass floor helps facilitate the flow of light between the floor levels and still adds class elegance to the building.
  5. Colorful Interior: Just by the application of a colored or tint glass placed in a position that reflects light into the office environment can be all you need to achieve that elegant look in the office when light strikes that beautifully colored glass, it produces a stream of colored light.
  6. A glass table: Having a glass table in your office or in that conference hall gives the office a unique class. And the class always invites class.

All be it, it is essential to know that the excessive use of glass in an office space can affect the working environment negatively, in that there may be an excessive light reflection, exposure to sunburns in the case on plain glass or obscured view in case of tint glass and glass injuries caused by broken glass.

So in redesigning the interior of an office with glass, hire a professional who knows how best to install and also advice on best places to install this glass, so it doesn’t appear too cumbersome but still achieves the purpose of beauty, elegance, class, and style all at once.

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