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Turquois Bedroom Interior Design

At the end of a long tiring day, everyone wants to come home to a warm, inviting back with an even more comfortable and luxurious bedroom. What makes the bedroom such a special place in that it is the one room of every home where each spends his maximum time of the day. It’s a place where we all find solace and hence the ambition to make it the most comfortable room of all.

Green Exotic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom essentials long back were limited to a Bed with a bedside table and an Almirah. But in the time of growing importance of interior designers, bedrooms have become the most lavish rooms of all; they are an extension of their personality and expression.

Bedroom Interiors

Chiffon curtains are trending along with remote-controlled blinds. In the hotel, there are big blinds with translucent whiter curtains for a warm glow to the room and the thick heavy curtain to completely block out the sun and outer world. Velvet was used in earlier times in homes of the aristocracy. Printed cotton or synthetic PU mix is generally seen in the homes of a common man.

Interior Bedroom Ideas

Flooring is of large variety ranging from pure marble to exotic macarena marble, Italian imported stone slabs and tiles to imported tiles especially of Spanish origin and general vitrified tiles, nano polished as matt finished or textured tiles. The advantage of stone, especially marble, is its sturdiness and long life. The drawback is its ability to absorb oils, colors, and liquids, leaving stains. Tone can be set as per Vastu or personal preference. Red is the color of passion, fieriness, and heat. It also represents energy best suited for living room or reasonable use in bedrooms.

Modern Bedroom Interior Designs

The modern bedrooms include easy to clean tiles or imported stones with thick beautiful rugs and customized beds to die for with mood lighting to make every night a rejuvenating experience. Visual dividers are often made for a sitting with plush sofas and artistic coffee tables right beside floor to ceiling.

Beautiful Bed Sheet Pillow

French windows overlooking a balcony with the choicest of plants and a loveseat swing for a romantic full moon night. The Bedroom also includes a little bedside table and reading lamps and tasteful wall paneling, and a TV Unit for super-sized T.V’s. Even the false ceilings with remote-controlled lights play a significant role in spoiling one forever.

Calm Modern Bedroom with Green Plants

Lastly yet one of the most important modern-day bedrooms include an equal spa-like treatment in an attached bathroom with rainwater or waterfall showers, a Jacuzzi at least if not a whirlpool touch-sensitive mirrors that light up warmly with the slightest gesture and the most beautiful pieces of art of custom made toilet seats that are now available with remote-controlled music and warmers. Also, there are heated floor tiles for the hard winters for the demanding clients to keep the comfort a 360-degree experience. Truly the bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep but a place to lose yourself in 8 hours of peace and meditation.

Bedroom Interior Design

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