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If you are looking for a bedroom makeover then don’t think you have not enough bedroom space, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some amazing bedroom inspirational ideas to make your small space display a larger one.

The modern and luxurious design ideas often tell us that we need to have a sitting area, study room, small office, or a king-size bed in your bedroom, don’t forget that a bedroom’s main function is to be a place to relax and recharge. And you don’t have much space to create a luxury bedroom.

Your small bedroom should be a blessing space for a better night’s sleep. You should keep stimulating activities out of the bedroom like TV, internet, and work can – which could disrupt your sleep patterns. So, the less there is to do in your bedroom, the more sleep you set yourself up for.

Here are Inspirational small bedroom design ideas and tips to help you create a bedroom space that may be small in square footage, but is big in style.

  1. Use Light Colors

Light Colors For The Bad Room

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Light colors are an expansive and practical choice for small bedrooms. It keeps the space from looking too busy or boxed in. Using white or lighter colors combats the absence of large wall space or windows to brighten up space.

Are you afraid of being too stark? To keep your small bedroom from feeling cold or void of personality, layer your whites with different textures and patterns for drama. Throw the simple addition of a patterned and chrome bedside lamp that transforms the room for sterile to stylish.

  1. Push Your Bed Up Against A Corner

Push Your Bed Up Against A Corner

Most of the bedroom styles feature the bed by centering it on the wall. However, narrow floor plans and limited space call for deviation for this.

To maximize the floor space, tuck your bed up against the corner. The effect will create a sleeping area that feels cozier. You will feel much like a college dorm. Add a two headboard corner system to create a finished, designer look to a bedroom.

  1. Add Some Frames

Add Some Frames

To make the perfect room ambiance add some frames in your bedroom. But don’t make it cluttered with many frames. A simple modern headboard is enough to finish the look of your bed or opt for a Hollywood-style frame that supports the bottom of the bed and extends no further than the perimeter of the mattress. You can also decorate the space with some unique art, DIY frames, or family photo.

  1. Embrace Minimalism Furniture

Embrace Minimalism Furniture

Keep furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum. It’s even better to use sleek, contemporary built-ins for additional storage. Built-ins maximize storage while looking like they’re not even there. A good built-in around your bed creates a cozy sleeping nook with adding plenty of storage.

  1. Mirrors

Bedroom Mirrors Interior

Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of the bigger one. Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also a way to up the natural light in the bedroom.

Get a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall. However, you need to secure it with a wall tacky for peace of mind.

  1. Add Storage Underneath The Bed

Storage Underneath The Bed

If you are in the market to purchase a new bed, you need to consider a bed with drawers underneath for extra storage. If your bedroom space is so limited that drawers may not open easily, use decorative bins under your bed for additional storage.

  1. Use Shelves


If floor space is limited in your home, but you have higher ceilings, consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area with storage or seating underneath. This would not work for everyone and every time, but for those who don’t mind climbing into bed, this layout can completely transform a space.

  1. Add Wallpaper

Add Wallpaper

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, something like happy home wallpaper or something which you love to see. This technique will increase love and positivity in your home.

Wallpapers tend to get a bad rap for making rooms look small and cluttered, but using the right style and technique does just the opposite. Add a beautiful wallpaper pattern to a focal wall. While selecting wallpaper, choose a large-scale pattern over a small. Don’t forget to create a cohesive look by coordinating your bedding with your beautiful new wallpaper.

  1. Create An Alcove Or Wall Niche

Gold And Silver Bed

If your bedroom design is set up on a non-exterior wall, use a stud finder to mark where your bed’s wood wall beams are and cut out an alcove. Your new alcove might not be incredibly deep, but it could be all you need for small necessities like an alarm clock, mobile, telephone, dairy, or some personal items.

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