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Garden Insurance

A house is your home. Therefore you want to make everything as beautiful and personal as possible. So you invest in a luxurious bathroom and have your garden designed by a specialized gardener—everything to make your house a palace.

What many people unfortunately forget is that you not only want to make your home beautiful but also keep it beautiful. And this does not only mean periodic maintenance. Because what to do after a burglary or fire? Or what if someone breaks something in your house? Or worse, if someone is injured in your home and you are liable for it?

Often, these kinds of risks are not well thought out, but they do become a reality every day, no matter how small the chance may seem! We have listed the most important insurance policies for you.

Home Insurance

Insurance For Home

Home insurance protects you against damage as a result of a fire or other event that causes damage to the home. Home insurance reimburses damage to your home and is therefore also known as home insurance. The damage is compensated by an external cause so that you cannot do anything about it yourself.

It is important with home insurance that you have the house appraised by an insurance expert. This is related to the rebuild value. The rebuild value is the amount of money needed to rebuild the house. If you insure your home below the rebuild value, you will be left with damage. It is therefore important that you ensure that the insured amount is so high that the costs associated with a rebuild are fully covered by the home insurance.

Liability Insurance

Another very important insurance policy is liability insurance. For example, you would not want someone tripping over a piece of wood in your garden and breaking a leg. Or your dog bites someone in the hand, resulting in injury. If he then hires a personal injury specialist, for example, a personal injury lawyer Utrech letselschade advocaat Utrecht; they will hold you liable.

You can be liable for a fall in your garden or a dog bite. Then you must compensate for all damage suffered by the injured victim. These injuries can be enormous. Consider, for example, the case where the person who has suffered an injury becomes incapacitated for work as a result of the accident. Or to all medical costs incurred, such as hospital costs and costs of the physiotherapist and psychologist. Injury damage can be huge!

With a good liability insurer, you avoid having to pay for the personal injury of the injured person yourself. The insurer will then take care of this damage. If a personal injury lawyer reports to you with a liability claim, for example, a personal injury lawyer in The Hague letselschade advocaat Den Haag, you can simply send the liability statement to the insurer for further settlement.


So enjoy your beautiful home, bathroom, kitchen and garden to the fullest, but make sure you are properly insured against all the risks associated with owning your own home. Then you know for sure that you can enjoy your palace for a long time to come!

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