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The statistics are worrying: close to 90% of all burglaries in the US target residential properties. Additionally, 3 out of 4 American homes are likely to be broken into in the next two decades. At the same time, only 17% of all homes have a security system installed. The remaining 83% have a 300% greater risk of being burglarized. Many Americans think opting for decent locks on the doors, and proper home security camera installation should suffice in terms of home protection. In reality, these are only basic layers of protection for a new home. There are many other solutions worth looking into. One is the clever integration of security systems into the architectural design of a residential property.

Let’s have a closer look at a few of the most interesting ways of blending enhanced security solutions into the design of a brand new home.

How To Choose New Home Security Camera Systems

When buying a new home or having it built from scratch, it is essential to opt for a trustworthy security camera system. A system that can get the job done while seamlessly blending in with the rest of the home decor. A bulky camera system can disrupt the beautiful balance of a carefully chosen home architecture and interior design. Luckily, there are things you can do to integrate such a system in a less obvious way.

Choose Shapes And Colors To Match Your Interior Design

Take your time to decide which quality CCTV security cameras to install inside the house or in the driveway. Carefully study all your options and choose the most suitable colors and shapes: black, white, pink, golden, blue, or any other color in the rainbow, shaped like boxes, domes, bullets, or something else.

Search for the most suitable color for the cameras or manually paint them in those colors that can perfectly match the furniture, carpeting, and style you have in mind. See that they nicely complement your room decor, or use them as color accents in a room with an otherwise dull design. Of course, you could also stick to the classic white or black options if your architectural style also follows clean and simple lines.

Location: Smoothly Integrate Your Security Cameras Into Your Home’s Architecture

If you plan on hanging art from the ceiling, installing bulky chandeliers or pendant cage light fixtures, you could also hang your security cameras high up in certain areas of the house. Not your style? Mount them on the walls, conceal them in your landscaping. There are even recessed models which remain unobtrusive. You could also choose portable security cameras for even more versatility when it comes to their location around the house. Just make sure that maintaining your home security system will not get overly complicated because of difficult access to the cameras and sensors.

Additional Tips For Choosing Security Camera Systems

  • Depending on whether you plan on installing LED night lights all over the house or not, you could get a home security camera system with night vision.
  • Consider a camera model that can swivel 360 degrees, connect to the home’s WiFi network, and use motion sensors for extra protection.
  • Consider adding an advanced visual doorbell system to your front door that can beautifully match the style of the door.
  • You could also fit small and usually unnoticeable sensor alarms on your doors and windows, or by doing something else, you will successfully add extra layers of protection to your new home.

Secure Doors And Windows With Stained Glass Stickers, Muntins, And Security Film

Besides smart doorbells and commercial grade-1 door locks recommended and fitted by top locksmith services, you could opt for some additional security solutions for the doors and windows:

Decorative Coverings And Windows

Opt for window coverings to add more style to your new home. Choose prism colors for frosted windows or custom-made cut-outs for metal-plated windows. You could also choose stained window stickers with gorgeous decorative elements to add even more to the exterior design of the house while enhancing protection.

Fence Gates And Muntins

Opt for metal fence gates and wooden or metal muntins installed on windows in order to separate and hold glass panes inside glass doors, windows, or furniture. These are usually part of the Western architectural style, and they represent excellent ways of integrating more security into your new home’s design. An entrance door fitted with glass panels or glass panels placed near the entrance door poses a higher home security risk. While they can beautifully add natural light to an otherwise dark hallway, they are part of a poor-quality home security design. Fitting a double cylinder deadbolt on such a door could cut some of the risks. Plus, installing a window security film made of sturdy polyester affixed inside the glass will make a burglar’s job a lot more difficult.

A different design alternative is replacing glass panel doors with external solid core doors that do not feature any glass panels. Choose a robust model that matches the aesthetics of your home. Pick a custom-crafted door featuring intricate details with divided lites and sidelites that are surrounded by natural wood for a warm greeting feeling. Look into a traditional arched entry door made of natural wood for a classic design, or choose something else that would best fit your home’s architecture.

Incorporate a few of these active or passive security measures into the design and architecture of your new home and stay safe while keeping with the general aesthetic of the property.

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