Interior Design Ideas: Walls, Desks & Lighting for Small Offices

On February 19, 2013 by Himanshu Shah

Most of us begin small, with small business office. There are many things to be considered when designing the small office spare. Small office space is maximizing the use of the floor space. The functionality is the imminent feature of the small office space design.

Lighting for Small Offices

Desks and chairsWalls:

The walls of the small office space must be neutral color as it makes the office space look bigger. Neutral color can open up the small office space. You can choose light color and have decorative borders. The dark colors tend to close in area and makes space appear small. The light beige color is latest fad color. Other suggested colors which you can paint wall with are lemon, beige and tan off white and even white. You can use a color wheel for selecting a color which will complement the furniture, or logo of company and other items in the office. You can get a wall mural done. It has positive effect on working mood in office.

Desks And Chairs:

In Office furniture most important things are the desk to work and chairs to sit on to work. The office desks and chairs when match with work area created impressive look. When you have matched chairs and desks it creates bigger space and if it is mismatched it seems cluttered and makes the space look smaller.

The desk must be such that it also provides space for storage and maximum floor space. Ideal for small office space are the desk with cubbies, tall desks with shelves, and space to hold the office equipment. This helps in storage and place being less cluttered.

Corner desks are very functional for the small office space interior designs especially as they minimize the floor space used while providing the usability of traditional desks. Equipment needed in office could be stored on top part of desk and under desk.

Lighting:Homes Office Basics

Lighting is most important. There are scientific studies that have shown that bright lightening improves work whereas the dull lightening can slow down work and create sluggish environment. In small space lightening is important too as it effects working of the employees. Natural lightening is indeed best and makes space look bigger. Natural light must not be unbearable and not come directly on the employees face or on screens. There should not be any glare on computer screens. You can use Energy Efficient LED Bulbs.Office Desk

Small ceiling lighting, business style chandeliers can be used for lighting office.

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