Interior Design Solutions for Easier Cleaning

On February 15, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Interior Design Solutions for Easier Cleaning
All the rooms of your home are pretty important, but there are some locations that see a lot more traffic than others, which means they may be in need of a lot more house cleaning to stay clean. There is no point in letting home cleaning become a terrible problem. Just using the right interior design solutions can spare you a whole trainload of trouble as you move forward with the tasks ahead. With the right preparations you can make a lot of use of such an approach so you can make your cleaning easier than ever:
Interior Design Solutions for Easier Cleaning

  • You can make great use of non-porous materials since they will be significantly easier to clean and maintain. Solid surfaces will be a nice start, especially since you will have to do a whole lot less. A good example of such an attempt would be to use stone slabs for your bathroom or your kitchen, as they are larger and possess far less gaps between them where the dirt may fall.
  • You should consider purchasing furniture that is also designed with easy and professional cleaning in mind, so that means more solid surfaces with the ability to move easier. This will make this type of furniture a lot of fun to work with, since much of the furniture out there will often be used and eventually left to gather dust for weeks on end. The more solid surfaces you have, the better the results will be when you need to handle house cleaning.
  • Another useful material you can really have fun with in the kitchen is vinyl. Surfaces made of vinyl will be much easier to handle during kitchen cleaning, not to mention it will come in many varieties of colors so you can enjoy making your home’s kitchen look unforgettable. The surfaces will make your interior designs much better.
  • You can also use back painted glass around the kitchen, which should help make things easier to avoid splashes. This type of glass may be about as easy to clean as stylish and practical in nature as well, letting you handle it all without it becoming a problem.
  • There are many areas around the walls that need to be kept clean, but the bathroom will still be one of the more vulnerable and difficult locations to deal with during house cleaning. With the right preparations your bathroom will be not only easy to maintain, but also to keep up with hygiene. Higher moisture in the area requires you to handle this in a more careful way. Dehumidifiers will get the job done in most cases, but you need to use larger tiles for less vulnerable spots around the bathroom. That way you will have a more mold-resistant bathroom you can work with.

Interior Design Solutions for Easier Cleaning
If you really want to have tiled areas around your home, then the larger tiles are one way to do it. The other thing that would get the job done would be water resistant paint and vinyl or other solid solutions with smooth surfaces, so consider that before you move on.

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  • Great post, this is such a good point as using designs in your house that are hard to keep clean totally take the fun and glamour out of them! Note to oneself, be more practical with the room planning in the future!

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