Interior Design Tips For Turning Your Garage Into An Entertainment Space


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With your busy schedule every day, you always look forward to a relaxing time at home where you can watch a movie, enjoy the moment and forget about anything stressful for a while. You can make the most out of your “me time” when you get to transform your garage into something entertaining. In today’s world, the transformation can be quickly done in a few ways. So before you turn your space that stores cars, bikes, motorcycles and other junk materials into a cozy entertainment area, here are some interior design tips you may consider.

  1. Assess The Space And Plan Your Layout

Assess The Space And Plan Your Layout

First and foremost, get organized by making sure the garage is clean and functional before the transformation. Do a walk-through in the area and start evaluating it for a makeover. Assess what’s for garbage, keeping or donating. Get everything out in the room so you can begin planning for your layout where you can think of the kind of furniture you want to place, and design to follow.

  1. Consider Contacting A Building Inspector

Consider Contacting A Building Inspector

It’s best to contact a building inspector to ensure your new entertainment space complies with some city codes. Also, make sure to ask whether your state has regulations for turning a garage into a living space.

  1. Get Your Space Water And Weatherproof Ready

Get Your Space Water And Weatherproof Ready

Converting your garage into an entertainment area means you have to add insulation to keep the weather under control. Furthermore, be sure to take a few steps to get your garage water and weatherproof ready before you plan on installing any electronics. Of course, you’ll not enjoy the space if it’s not adequately insulated during hot summers and cold winters.

  1. Add The Furniture

Garage Furniture
If you want your garage to be a comfortable entertainment space, it’s about time to add the furniture. Choose the best furniture that will surely make your relaxation time an extraordinary one. Moreover, your choices should provide great comforts, durable and weather and water resistant. Don’t forget to mix and match contrasting colours to help make the room pop.

  1. Repair The Floors

Repair Garage Floors
When turning your garage into an entertainment space, fixing the floors should also be considered. Most of the time, garage floors are lower than your home’s interior flooring. This is typically the reason why many contractors suggest repairing the floors using a material like ceramic tile that can withstand some moisture issues.

  1. Think About Some Plumbing Works

Professional Plumbers
If your entertainment space requires access to running water, you can consult a professional plumber for the installation of water lines and drainage. However, if there’s no need for running water, disregard some plumbing works.

  1. Try Installing Some Windows

Try Installing Some Windows
Your entertainment area will be more inviting when you add some windows. For garage-turned living space, adding a window can bring a natural light. While a garage doesn’t usually have windows, having one can make the area more soothing by modifying the design.

Are you thinking of turning your garage into an entertainment space? If you do, we hope you can apply some of the interior design tips mentioned in this article. Remember, the makeover itself is not as challenging as you think. You only have to pay attention to these things so you can get started on the project. If you’re also looking at improving your garage door, you can also do so by taking advantage of many vendors online who can make sure you get the right one that complements your new space.

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