Interior Design Trends For 2020: Ideas From The Experts


The interior design trends for 2020 are all about cozy and warm interior spaces. Whether you need new interior design trends for your home or commercial space, there is always a trend to meet your taste. But, are there ever utterly new interior design industry trends? Most design trends we see today were rocking at one time; then, they were replaced. New trends came and were also replaced. With time, the vintage trends resurface, and the regurgitation of trends continues.

Trends are based on themes. When you choose interior color design trends, you have something you want to achieve in your mind. In 2020 and beyond, most people are tired and touchscreens and need a space that makes them feel comfortable and is sustainable. Ergo, most design trends will be minimal and straightforward. Besides, there will be a perfect balance between retro and contemporary designs, especially given the warm feel of vintage designs and the convenience of modern smart homes.

Classics will always reign in any design trend. Interior design trends for 2020 will see classics shine through to replace tired trends that we have seen for many years. Read on to learn more.

New Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Simple Sustainable Materials

Simple Sustainable Materials

The world is moving towards sustainability, and more people are looking to use recycled and simple materials that harm the environment less. In 2020 and beyond, simple materials, especially those inspired by oriental designs, will be seen. These include rattan, jute, sisal, plywood, hemp, and terracotta. Burnt wood is also finding its place in interior design more with western countries finding inspiration from Japanese culture and designs.

The Use Of Marble

Interior Design With Colored Marbles

Marble is preferred for the endless opportunities it presents to the users. The veins, colors, and patterns on marble make the material an ideal slab for all countertops in a home. Again, compared to granite and quartz, marble is relatively affordable. Wherever you decide to use marble, either on a small counter or on an entire wall, marble will enhance the aesthetics and durability of your living space.

When you use marble on any space in your interior living space, you add value to your home or your business offices. If your budget does not allow you to do a whole wall made of marble, you can have a small coffee table.

Carpeted Floors Are Taking Over

Carpeted Floors

Carpets look great on floors, walls, and ceilings, among other places. During the Milan Design Week in 2019, carpets were seen everywhere as an indication that carpets will rock the interior design space in 2020 and beyond. Carpets look soft, cozy, and warm, and this is all people want to feel comfortable. When used well, carpets will enhance not only the beauty of a room but also the functionality.

3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers

3D wall coverings were the in thing in the 80’s – it is interesting to see the wallpapers back as new interior design trends. However, unlike in the ’80s, the 3D wall coverings used today look so real when installing on walls. You can choose covers of any design you want from flowers, plants, animals, nature, and much more. The extensive collection of designs allows you to create any effect you need in your house. You can create the serenity, beauty, and calmness of a clear lake in your bedroom and the wildness of nature in your bathroom.

Nature In Interior Design Industry Trends

Nature In Interior Design Trends

Most people are embracing life as they create plans for their interior designs. If you love nature, you can freeze into the trend and have an indoor garden or indoor plants. Again, during the Milan Design Week 2019, a lot of oversized indoor plants rocked the stages. If you do not have the grace to take care of plants, you can buy accessories designed to look like oversized plants. A nature-themed interior décor is relaxing, especially after a long day at work.

Australian architecture is particularly renowned for this, with structures such as the Baker House and Australian Academy of Science that fit beautifully into their natural surroundings. To learn about Australia’s major construction companies, visit this site:

The Use Of Metal Is Rising

Metal In Interior Design Trends

A while ago, people would worry about missing different metals in one space but not anymore. You can have brass door handles, copper light fixtures, steel table stands, and any other metallic item in the same room. It is easy to mix different types of metals when you understand interior design color trends.

Cane On Furniture

Cane On Furniture

Cane, also known as Vienna Straw, is now taking over as more people embrace vintage designs. Most furniture, room separators, and accessories are featuring cane as the primary material, and it looks great.

Neon Lighting

Neon Lighting

Neon lights look great. They were used extensively in 2019, and they will play a large part in interior design trends for 2020 and beyond. You can use the lights to lighten up your home or your office space.

The Use Of Patterns To Highly Blocks Of Color

Kids Room Interior Design

Patterns are challenging to use for people not experienced in interior design. However, trends will be significant in 2020 going forward. There are prints of all forms from animal prints, flowers, stripes, boxes, and anything else you can find.


Living Room Curved Furniture Design

New interior design trends will have more curves and round shapes. Furniture that features curved shapes and rounded corners will give your space a modern look with a vintage feel. The use of curves and rounded accessories and furniture was evident in the Milan Design Week 2019. These curves, when well implemented, will bring out any design idea that you might have in mind today.


Trends are never phased out completely; they only give way to new trends. The interior design color trends today might pave the way for other interior design industry trends a few years from today. Even though the above trends will reign in 2020, there is no reason not to be creative and create something unique. You can balance design trends above or one of the trends above with another unique design to create something that meets your style and design preferences. You can also expect to see out-of-the-ordinary design trends appearing in most homes.

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