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Copper Gutter Guard

Gutters are an important element of our homes. Regardless of size and location, every home with a roof of its own requires a gutter protection system. They provide an essential task by simply diverting the water flow from our roofs to our downspouts, where water is drained away in a safe manner. Without gutters, our roofs would deteriorate in a rapid fashion as they wouldn’t have any way of dealing with adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and hail. While they provide such a vital task for our homes, gutters are often overlooked and not maintained well enough. The best way to take care of them is to install gutter guards over our gutters. Installing gutter guards eliminates a plethora of problems such as clogging, leaking, and warping. Thus, it is crucial to answer the question of what is the best gutter guard system? The best can be subjective when it comes to many items, but with gutter guards, there is one contender that outshines the rest of their counterparts by far, and they are none other than copper gutter guards.

Copper rain gutters have astounding qualities that have allowed them to gain their number one spot within the gutter guard market. They are highly durable, reliable, ageless, and, most importantly, gorgeous in appearance. Their only downside might be their cost; however, this is well justified by their inherent qualities described below.

Advantages of Copper Gutter Guards

Overall, copper gutter and gutter guard provide numerous qualities that are hard to be surpassed by other similar materials. Gutter copper manufacturers swear by the long-lasting qualities of this material as it inherently changes the way your home looks from your façade. If you are looking for a high-quality and luxurious gutter guard, copper will be your best bet.

 Copper Gutter Guards Are More Durable

First and foremost, copper gutter guards are way more durable than their aluminum peers, which is one of the most popular metal types used in gutter guards. They are heavier in comparison to other metal gutters. This ensures that they won’t be affected so much by conditions such as adverse weather effects and physical damages. Icicle formations in winter, dead branches falling down on your gutters, and wildlife roaming about on your roof will have a lesser impact on the lifetime of your copper gutter guards as they can endure much more. Their enhanced resistance and durability ensure that copper gutter repair won’t be on your agenda for the foreseeable future.

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 Copper Gutter Guards Do Not Rust

Copper is an exceptional metal in the sense that it changes its appearance over time to reflect its environment. While this change brings outstanding beauty and appeals to copper gutter parts, the nature of this metal’s durability does not change. Copper gutter covers do not rust, nor do they tend to crack, warp, wear out or even develop any other problems. They can last for a very long time, provided they are maintained when necessary. This makes copper gutter guards are an excellent choice for families and homes located in regions where severe weather conditions are observed throughout the year.

 Copper Gutter Guards Increase the Value of Your Home

Perhaps one of the most important benefits brought to the table by copper gutter guards is the fact that they increase the value of properties! First and foremost, copper gutter guards are more expensive than their aluminum counterparts, making them valuable even on their own when resold. They have a gold-like look and feel that brings a great look especially paired with white-colored exteriors. Couple this aesthetic with their high durability, and you have a special ingredient that every new family looking to acquire a new home will be awed in their sight. Copper gutter installation increases the quality of your home’s exterior looks and adds an air of luxury to its surroundings.

 Copper Gutter Guards Provide Enhanced Utilities

Another utility mainly brought forth by copper gutter guards is their enhanced longevity. The lifetimes of copper gutter guards extend to such lengths that by the time their aluminum counterparts are deteriorating from oxidation and their 3rd and 4th generation installments are being made to homes, they will still be remaining proud with all their glory. Copper gutter guards tend to last 80 to 100 years if maintained with care. Before they even introduce widespread gutter problems such as leaking and clogging, you will most likely encounter cracks in them in the form of scratches and damages from ladders and maintenance tools. Thus, installing copper gutter guards will be a sound investment for the future of your property.

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 Aged Copper Gutter Guards Look Gorgeous

Since we talked about age, we have to mention that aged copper gutter guards look absolutely stunning. Rustic copper gutters and copper downspouts have this inherent beauty that brings an unparalleled sense of authenticity to their surroundings. You might not be mistaken to think of an old house installed with copper gutters as a place where someone important once lived.

 How Much Do Copper Gutter Guards Cost?

While the cost of copper gutters is more than their aluminum counterparts, their inherent values justify this more than enough. Copper gutter guards’ cost generally ranges from $17.50 to $22.50 per ft, depending on their style. Different styles include thick copper guards, rounded copper guards, 5” copper guards, 6” copper guards, and flat copper guards.

Are Copper Gutter Guards Worth It?

All in all, if you have read our blog so far, then you are well aware of our opinion. Copper gutter guards are absolutely worth the investment. Rather than being a simple addition in the form of a vital utility to your home roofs, they bring so much more to the table. High-durability, problem-free structure integrity, ageless looks that last up to more than 80 years, increased property value, and an inherent beauty that is reminiscent of the magnificent luxurious homes of old. What else can you expect from a piece of the gutter guard? We say, just go for them and enjoy their qualities for the days to come!

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