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Increasingly, Americans are searching for customized unique clothing and accessories for themselves and others. Online stores that offer products such as these usually tap the zeitgeist of current trends to deliver an eyecatching alternative to mainstream fashion.

One offering is Dzeetee, specializing in custom t-shirts, although their range of products extends to notebooks, bags, and hoodies. The question, of course, is Dzeetee any good for custom gift ideas? Let’s find out.

Dzeetee at First Glance

The site is laid out nicely with vibrant colors featuring recommended products. It is obvious what it offers from the outset, so you won’t waste time wondering if you’re looking at the right site. There are two themes offered to you: family and Relationships, and the other is Animals.

Clicking on Animals brings up an array of products for all the family. With product type, selecting gender and age filters is the easiest way to hone in on the right product. There are over 490 of them, after all.

If you’re buying for a dog lover or cat lover, then chances are there is something here for you. Many of the bespoke offerings feature either dogs or cats. Dzeetee’s range is not limited to dogs and cats; bears and unicorns are two other featured animals.

Your average dog lover and cat lover probably love animals which is good as more choice becomes available.

On the family side, there are plenty of gifts with messages for brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even stepfamily is featured.


Some of the custom gifts have a political crossover with subtle twists of Donald Trump’s speeches. If you have a family member who appreciates that kind of thing, this could make for a good gift choice.

LGBT issues are featured together with other en vogue messaging.

You may want to get a gift for yourself as well as a loved one.

Spiritual And Inspirational

According to Dzeetee, they have over 1000 spiritual designs. Taking a glance, many are mindful and yoga-based, with positive and inspirational messaging.


One aspect to consider when choosing a gift is bags. Tote bags and drawstring bags are available and given their humorous and sentimental nature; you have options here to find the perfect custom gift.

Artistic Creations

Artists make the creations, and as such, the artwork tends to be of excellent quality. The caricature of Donald Trump and the yoga-based content is perfect. Dzeetee seems to excel at taking standard products, applying art, turning it into a unique product.

Clothing Options

Although Dzeetee states they are about custom t-shirts, they also offer sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts. This range gives you options which is always a great thing to have when selecting family gifts.

Final Thoughts On Dzeetee

Dzeetee offers a good range of products that seem to fill the market for products that carry inspirational or humorous messaging. Using different artists, the company has managed to put together an original product range that should help you find a suitable family gift.

Check them out.

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