Is It Possible To Permanently Get Rid Of Termites?


Permanently Get Rid Of Termites

The simple answer to whether it is possible to get rid of termites permanently is yes, and no!

You can eliminate your current termite issue and take steps to prevent them from returning. However, unless you plan to live in a metal house with no wood, there is no way to guarantee they won’t return in the future.

Eliminating The Issue

The first thing you need to do is locate the termites. You’ve probably been alerted to their presence by the holes in your wood or by seeing one of them on your floor. They generally prefer the darkness, which means you’re unlikely to see them in the daytime.

Unfortunately, termites live in colonies, and there can be hundreds of thousands in one colony. This is how they can eat a foot of 6X4 wood in just 5 months. Seeing one is alarming, but it is a sign you have a lot more. You’re going to need to find their colony to ensure they are eliminated.

To find the colony, you’ll want to look for weakened wood; if you can push a screwdriver into it, then you probably have a termite issue. If there are dark-colored pellets near the softwood, you’ve got an active colony.

The first step is to put down some high-quality termite bait stations. These should be positioned near the colony but where you can easily get to them. You need to put food in them that the termites will like.

Once the termites have tested the food and found it good, they will scent the bait station, marking it as safe. At this point, you can switch the good bait for poison. The termites will carry this back to the colony and spread the poison around all the termites.

You can check a few days later to make sure the termites are all dead.

This is effective, but you can always get the professionals to come and double-check for you.

Preventing Termite Return

Having eliminated them, you’ll want to make it as difficult as possible for them to return. There are several steps you should be taking:

  • Eliminate Damp

Termites are attracted to damp as they need moisture to survive. You need to ensure you have no leaks at home. Turn off the water supply and don’t use any water for an hour. If you leak, the meter reading will change.

Eliminating damp in gutters and any standing water outside your home will also help.

  • Concrete Around Your Home

Termites generally head for your foundations by creating tunnels in the mud around your home. If you eliminate the mud and add approximately six inches width of concrete around your home, the termites will not access your foundations.

  • Treatment

You can spray your existing wood with a safe pesticide, such as permethrin. This will keep the termites away without posing any risk to human or pet health.

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