Is Solar Panel Installation, Houston, Really Worth It? A Closer Look


Renewable energy is booming. Are you getting in on this eco-friendly “trend?”

Solar Panel Installation

One of the best ways to start using renewable energy and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to get solar panels installed on your home. You’ll be making and using your energy instead of relying on the power grid.

But how do you know if it’s worth it?

If you’re a Houston resident, you might be wondering if solar panel installation in Houston is as worthwhile as people make it out to be. We’re here to talk about it.

Keep reading to learn all about why making the swap to solar energy is worthwhile in your sunny city.

Saving On Your Energy Bill

Everyone knows that going solar means that you’ll start saving money on your home energy bill right away. Depending on your standard energy usage, you may reduce your bill down to a few dollars per month (or less).

While you’re weighing your solar installation options, take a look at the past few months of energy bills. How much money would you have saved if you had solar energy?

Solar panels are expensive, but when they can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, they’re worth it.

Tax Benefits

The government wants you to go solar. Because of this, they’ve added an incentive in the form of a tax break.

When you pay for solar panels, you’ll be able to note that when you’re filing your taxes. You’ll get a percentage of the cost back when it’s time to get your tax refund.

Keep in mind that the solar tax credit is going down after 2022, and there’s no clear information for how much it will be in 2024 and beyond. So if you’ve been thinking about going solar, now is the time to do so.

Houston Is A Perfect Spot

While you can use solar panels anywhere regardless of the weather, Houston is a great spot for it. With plenty of daylight hours and an abundance of sunny days, you’re in a great position to take advantage of solar energy.

Because there isn’t much (if any) snow, maintenance for your solar panels will be easier as well.

Factoring In The Environment

Of course, the top benefit of going solar is that solar power is better for the environment. The sun, unlike fossil fuels, is a renewable resource. There’s no way for us to over-use it, and it doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the environment when it powers our homes.

If saving money isn’t a good enough reason to go solar, saving the environment could be.

Solar Panel Installation In Houston Is Worth It

When you opt for solar panel installation in Houston, you’ll save money while you shrink your carbon footprint. Yes, the upfront cost of solar panels is high, but with tax benefits and lower energy bills, you’ll be able to offset the cost.

Talk to a local solar provider about your options today.

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