Is Steam Cleaning Bad For Carpets?


Canada Clean Home is a company based in Edmonton offering services such as steam carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and furniture cleaning. It has a team of competent cleaners who have been in the industry for more than ten years. We offer high-quality services to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Canada Clean home offers unmatched carpet cleaning Edmonton. We decided to share our experience with you and talk about the benefits of steam cleaning for carpets.

The best carpet cleaning method is an ongoing debate. People have many critics and proponents of different ways, so it is crucial for you to learn how it works to make a well-informed decision. Deep cleaning also referred to as steam cleaning is considered one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods as it eliminates at least 97 percent bacteria and dirt from carpets. Below are the top reasons why steam cleaning is not bad for your carpet.

Removes Pollutants

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

One of the main reasons for cleaning carpets is to remove harmful pollutants that might risk the health of children. Carpets hold contaminants such as dead bugs, cockroach allergens, and pet dander. Foreign particles and lead can as well contaminate carpets. We also cannot forget to mention the presence of absorbed volatile organic compounds from cigarettes and paint among other places. Unlike other cleaning methods, steam cleaning removes all these pollutants effectively.

Extends Carpet Life

Carpet Cleaning Care

Most carpets wear out quickly when you clean them using rough methods. You don’t want to lose your hard earned cash this way when you have a solution. Steam cleaning helps to maintain the original beauty of your carpet for a long time. However, you have to adjust the frequency of cleaning depending on the material of the rug and your lifestyle.

Do not wait until your carpet is excessively soiled to clean it. Soil damages carpet fiber, shortening its lifespan. Soil penetrates mats from foot traffic. Accumulation of this type of dirt is expensive and hard to clean. Steam cleaning uses powerful solutions and degradable cleaning agents to remove such dirt. Keeping your carpet away from soil and other contaminants increase its durability.

Clears Dust Mites

Clears Dust Mites

Microscopic dust mites are inside our homes. Such organisms live in carpets, mattresses, curtains, furniture, and fabric toys. They like living in warm and moist environments like carpets, so you know that they are most probably present in your home. The waste products of these organisms are allergens that affect everyone especially kids.

How do you eliminate dust mites? Well, steam cleaning is a proven method that completely removes these organisms from carpets. Dust mites cannot stand the high temperatures used to clean carpets using a steam cleaning method.

Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention

Molds are known for the production of allergens that trigger allergic reactions. Carpets are homes for molds if not well maintained. For molds to grow, they need dust, a surface, oxygen, and moisture. Carpets provide the perfect conditions for the growth of mold. Steam cleaning is an effective method that helps to keep molds away because your carpet stays dry and ensures that dust particles are eliminated. Steam cleaning cleans deep inside the carpet making it a reliable cleaning method.

Based on the above explanations, steam cleaning is an exceptional method of carpet cleaning that will not only keep your carpets sparkling clean but will also extend their lifespan. You can do the cleaning yourself, but it is best to seek the services of professionals for the best results.

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