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Carpet cleaning is one of those services that you need to have done on a regular basis, but you just dread doing it. Between the noisy equipment, the pushy sales tactics, and the soaked floors, it can turn your world upside down. So shouldn’t there be a better way? Well, one company in Viera, Florida, thinks there should be.

Carpet Prodigy has come up with a system that might just turn the carpet cleaning industry on its ear. Most of us will have to wait and see, but if you live in the Viera, FL, area, you can take advantage of this new way of carpet cleaning right now. So, what is this company doing that is so different? Look and see.

You Get A Carpet Cleaning Warranty

The most revolutionary concept with Carpet Prodigy is the carpet cleaning warranty. This gives you access to unlimited carpet cleaning for one year from the original carpet-cleaning date. Murphy’s Law says that your dog will always decide to track mud across your carpet the very next day after you clean it. With a carpet warranty, you do not have to worry.

Now, if an accident happens, you can take advantage of your warranty and have any room re-cleaned for just $5 plus a small trip charge. It takes the stress out of timing your carpet cleaning.

Use your carpet cleaning warranty to take care of emergencies, get ready for a party, or just keep things neat all the time.

Your Carpet Is Cleaned The Smart Way

So, what about the carpet cleaning method itself? Is that different? Carpet Prodigy uses an innovative carpet cleaning method that was born out of necessity.

If you know Florida, you know that it is humid. This complicates carpet cleaning and the traditional method of hot water extraction. All that humidity coupled with all that water leads to a carpet that never dries. A soaked carpet is prone to mildew growth, stain wick-back, and it is just plain inconvenient.

Carpet Prodigy developed a low moisture system that solves all these issues. It uses just the right amount of moisture to get your carpet deep down clean without soaking it to the backing.

It works like this. The cleaners apply a special proprietary solution to the carpet that breaks down and absorbs soil. They then use cotton floor bonnets on a floor machine to absorb the solution and your soil. Any remaining solution will harden into a brittle crystal that can be easily removed during the next vacuuming.

With this low moisture cleaning process, your carpet will be left residue-free and dry in well under an hour. Most carpets will be dry in just 15 minutes.

You Never Pay Hidden Fees Or Charges

Do you remember the last time you had your carpet cleaned? Did they send a carpet cleaner or a salesman?

With most companies, high-pressure sales are the norm. The goal is usually to double or even triple the carpet cleaning bill. They get this done by offering you extras that you do not need or by charging you for things that should have been included in the first place.

Carpet Prodigy is doing things differently, with an all-inclusive approach to pricing. Their price might seem higher than some initially until you look at just what is included. In short, everything.

Your price includes vacuuming, spot cleaning, pre-treatment, extraction, grooming, carpet protector, and the 1-year warranty that we just mentioned. Carpet Prodigy believes that if you treat a customer right, their long-term value will be much higher than a quick payday.

Those carpet cleaners who like to nickel and dime you to death are in it for the short term. They will not be around in a few years, but Carpet Prodigy will be.

The Future Of Carpet Cleaning

So, is this the future of carpet cleaning?

It sure seems like this company is on the right track. Let’s add up all of the benefits.

  1. A Carpet Warranty
    Unlimited warranty cleanings all year long for just a few dollars.
  2. Carpet Dries Fast
    Get back to using your carpet fast with a cleaning that is dry in 15 minutes.
  3. No Residue
    The cleaning solution dries to an easily removable crystal form.
  4. No Hidden Charges
    The end of carpet cleaning bills that mysteriously double or even triple.

It sure sounds like a great process, but most of us will have to wait until they reach our part of the country. However, if you live in Viera, why not take advantage of your location and give them a call.

Carpet Prodigy
Viera, FL

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