Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick? 7 Signs To Watch Out For


Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?

Technology has made almost everything possible in our world. We get to live our lives more easily because of it. One of the things that were invented for the sake of our convenience is the air conditioning system.

With the immense heat that we sometimes experience, especially in the summer, we turn to the cooling comfort that our respective air conditioners provide us. Being in a well-ventilated place enables us to function better—we eat, sleep, work, and relax better. But have you ever thought of the possibility that the one thing that gratifies our needs can also be the one causing us to have an illness?

Is your air conditioner really making you sick?

Can Air Conditioning Make You Feel Sick?

Sometimes you might find yourself wondering if your air conditioner, a source of your comfort, can actually make you sick.

Air conditioners are genetically programmed to dehumidify the air in rooms. They were made for solely good purposes, and the reason why you might theorize that they can be the cause of your health issues is because of the following:

  • Your Aircon Is Dirty: When your air conditioner is not consistently cleaned, dirt, fungi, and bacteria gather in its internal parts. The fan coils and air filters might be filled with dirt and mold, affecting the air that it is producing. Inhaling contaminated air can lead to common nose and throat infections or more serious health issues like pneumonia.
  • Your Environment Is Unsanitary: If your house or workplace is prone to mold or bacteria growth, this can be a potential cause. The air conditioner basically circulates the air around it, including the germs and other potential harm-threatening elements.
  • Your Air Conditioning Is Too Cold: Just because you are in a very cold air-conditioned room and it feels great does not mean that it is good for the body. There are many possible side effects when you overexpose yourself in a place with shallow temperatures. Some examples would be colds, skin problems, and others to be further discussed down below.

What Are The Symptoms of Air Conditioning Sickness?

Besides respiratory complications, there are other possible symptoms when it comes to air conditioning sickness. Some may appear minor, but with continuous ignorance, it may, unfortunately, lead to more serious or life-threatening illnesses.

Here are common symptoms and signs to watch out for:

  1. Colds And Clogged Nasal Passages

Cold-causing viruses are the ones that can be spread throughout the air or through direct or non-direct human contact. They also survive in an intensely cold area. This can negatively affect your nose and throat, resulting in runny noses, sneezing, and coughing.

  1. Asthma Or Difficulty Breathing

When you keep inhaling air that is unhealthy, more often than not, it can trigger the asthma of a person that has one or difficulty breathing. The dirt and bacteria flowing through the air circulated by your air conditioner can enter your respiratory system.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Being in a room with a shallow temperature can cause the skin’s arteries to constrict to protect the body from heat loss. However, this can ultimately lead to a decrease in blood flow, including the white blood cells known for shielding us from viruses. This can also heighten your blood pressure.

  1. Headaches And Dizziness

Another result of turning the air conditioning unit’s temperature way down low is having headaches or dizziness. The coldness may affect our body’s neurological parts, which, for example, is parallel to us experiencing brain freeze when we drink something too cold.

  1. Skin Problems

When it’s too cold, and there is very low humidity in the room, our skin loses its natural moisture. Lack of moisture causes our skin to dry up or have cracks. Too long exposure in a cold room can also make us susceptible to other skin problems such as acne or dermatitis.

  1. Fatigue And Sore Muscles

It’s fun to hang out or stay in a place that gives us more than the amount of cooling air that we need, but this can cause fatigue. The body tends to burn so much of its energy, trying to keep itself warm, which eventually makes us tired. This can also cause our muscles and joints to feel sore and stiff.

  1. Intolerance To Heat

When you’re used to the air conditioner’s cooling effect, our bodies feel hotter than usual when exposed to heat, especially during summer. We constantly crave the cooling experience, which makes us more prone to the dangers caused by hot temperatures.

What Can I Do To Avoid Air Conditioning Sickness And Its Symptoms?

Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem—even when it comes to air conditioning sickness. There are many optimal solutions that you can do to avoid these issues from happening so that you can continue enjoying the luxury of your air conditioner while at the same time protecting your health.

Keep Your House/Workplace Clean

Our air conditioners will not be circulating contaminated air in the first place if we keep our areas clean and sanitized. Make it a habit to clean your house or work area since these are places that you stay in every single day. You can also do some disinfecting and vacuuming to completely eradicate the health-threatening mold, dust, bacteria, and fungi lingering, especially in areas that are not usually accessible by the naked eye.

Manage Your Aircon Use

Even in air conditioning, there is such a thing as too much. Be a responsible owner by using your air conditioner reasonably and appropriately. Avoid setting the temperature too low and when it’s cold or windy outside, try opening some windows or getting some fresh air outside for a change. This way, you’ll give your air conditioning unit a break, and it’s also helpful to the environment.

Conduct Proper Maintenance On Your Aircon

Clean and inspect your air conditioner from time to time. It would be better to contact your local aircon service provider to make sure. If you are the type to use it every single day, make sure to have maintenance check on it at least three times a year. When your air conditioning unit is consistently cleaned, this will prevent any bacteria, germs, or other forms of microorganisms from growing inside of it, thus, letting you enjoy more days and nights of cool and clean air.

Air conditioning sickness is real, and it can be harmful to our health. However, you can avoid them by sanitizing your home, managing your aircon use, and most importantly, making it a priority to clean and maintain your air conditioning system. With proper maintenance, you will save yourself from getting sick and enable your air conditioner to function efficiently for a long time, preventing costly expenses.

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