Is Your Cleaning Service Doing A Good Job? 7 Questions to Ask


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A good routine will help you to keep your house clean and keep everything neat and tidy. Top-notch professional cleaning services, however, are the only way to achieve an utterly impeccable home. Calling a cleaning service like PHSInterclean can do the trick with their deep cleaning and expert cleaning services.

You may have already hired a cleaning service, but you feel like something’s not quite right. If you want to know whether your cleaning service is worth your money, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How Popular Are They?

This is a question you should ask yourself before inviting a cleaning service into your home. If their services are highly rated, this is a good indication of the quality of their services. A well-reputed and quality-oriented service will always give you the best results. This is reflected in their work and the time they put in for your home. A rushed or abrupt service can lead to accidents and a job half-done.

  1. Are They On Time?

Punctuality is vital in any profession. If your cleaning service is late or forgets your appointment, they are unlikely to be a reliable service. If the cleaning staff are late by a few minutes or have a valid reason for the delay, this may not be a big issue. However, if they are incredibly late or fail to show up entirely, this shows a lack of communication within the organization.

  1. What Equipment Do They Use?

The right cleaning supplies and equipment are essential for delivering the best services. Expert cleaning staff is trained and skilled professionals who know how to use their equipment correctly. Different tools and cleaning products should be used on different types of surfaces.

Besides this, it’s also essential for them to wear the proper gear such as gloves and a mask while cleaning your home. Some people may also have specific allergies to smells and products. If your cleaning service can avoid and accommodate your needs, it’s a big green flag.

  1. How Organised Are They?

The staff you invite into your home should be appropriately organized to conduct a thorough job. While punctuality is an essential indicator of good management, there are a few other practices that you should look out for.

They should also have a proper disposal system for soiled cleaning materials to maintain proper hygiene. Simple practices like collecting their supplies and disposing of them properly as they clean are a clear indication of whether they have these systems in place.

  1. What Kind Of Service Do They Offer?

Another way to analyze whether your cleaning service is the right one for you is by verifying the services they provide. Not all services cater to all needs, and different cleaners offer a range of services such as deep cleaning services, as well as exterior and interior cleaning services. Some companies specialize in commercials services, while others focus on domestic cleaning. The kind of equipment and supplies offered within each of these categories can differ drastically. Make sure that your cleaning service will cater to your needs by choosing the right type of service.

  1. How Safe Are The Products They Use?

If you’re looking for domestic cleaning services and have pets or young children, it is essential to ensure that the cleaning service you choose is safe. If toddlers or pets are exposed to toxic chemicals found in some cleaning products, this could cause them to fall ill.

Furthermore, you may develop skin allergies and other problems if the products they use are inappropriate for domestic use. You can quickly confirm the quality of your cleaning service by checking the kind of cleaning products they use.

  1. Do They Take Care Of The Items In Your Home?

Another red flag is if you find that things in your home are misplaced or mishandled. Accidents can happen, but if this continues to happen, this indicates a problem. Your cleaning staff should know how to handle your items with care. This also establishes accountability and trust. If you can trust that your favorite plate will not be broken by the end of their service, you’re good to go.

Summing Up

You need to pick the right cleaning service to give your home the treatment it deserves. An excellent cleaning service can take your home to the next level, making it more appealing and more pleasant to live in. To make sure you get the best possible service, it is essential to know how to identify a job well done.

Besides the points mentioned above, you can also look out for unusual odors, messy rooms, and spotted or unclean floors. Note that good communication with your cleaning service is essential. This helps them to understand and meet your expectations.

If your cleaning service fails to meet any of these basic criteria, it’s time to contact a new one!

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  1. You made a good point that the safety ratings of the cleaning products should also be considered when getting a routine house cleaning service. That might be something I should consider someday because there are times when I get too busy with work that I can’t do a lot of chores at home anymore. Maybe house cleaning services will take a lot of load off of my back.


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