It Pays To Know: 10 Smooth Repair Tips For Your Damage Roof


It’s troublesome to live in your very own home with damage to the roof. You’re very worried when the rainy season comes because your house will become permanently be flooded. Instead of having a warm cup of hot choco, the leaky roof somehow creates a lousy day for you and your family.

To end your troubles, fix your roof as soon as possible before the damage becomes more serious. In repairing your roofs and stopping any annoying leaks, you have to consider a lot of factors. The remedies below will provide simple solutions for your damaged and leaky roofs.

  1. Find The Source Of The Leak

Fix A Leaking Roof

First off, locate where is the source of the leak is before you apply some remedies. Usually, the water stains on the ceiling are the first signs of a leaky roof. Also, consider factors such as wet spots on your ceiling and unusual wet spots on the floor, which usually come from leaks. Use a ladder to reach the leaking rooftop. Check chimney as well for any loose materials.

  1. Flatten Curled Shingles

Roof Repairing

Apply a coat of asphalt roofing cement with a brush to flatten the curled shingles where rainwater can enter. Ensure that it won’t lift by holding down the shingles’ corners and edges. Remember to repair it during beautiful weather to avoid any inconveniences and accidents.

  1. Reseal Dormers And Chimneys

Reseal Dormers and Chimneys

Use a caulking gun and roofing cement to stop the leaks that may occur from chimneys and dormers. Fixing your chimneys will prevent water from pooling between the chimney bricks and the roof.

For extra protection, some roofing contractors usually add a cap of flashing over the other flashings. Flashings prevent water from seeping in and creating rot on your roof. These materials are often made out of galvanized steel or aluminum.

  1. Plastic Sheeting

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is the most common and temporary measure that most people use when repairing the roof. You could buy a massive plastic sheet and use it to cover the hole. Use roofing nails to fasten it. No worries if you can’t find nails or woods to hold down the plastic. You can use bricks, sandbags, or cement blocks as alternatives.

  1. Fix Step Flashing

Fix Step Flashing

There could be instances that the flashing rusts through, or a piece comes loose. In this situation, the water will run through behind it and will come inside your house. The flashing must be replaced. Remove any shingles, especially if it’s already curled. You can do this by prying the sides loose and then remove and replace the flashing step.

  1. Spray The Roof

Spray The Roof

You may use a garden hose to spray the roof. Spray all the different locations for you to find the leak. But, remember to fix the damage only during fair weather to avoid some possible undesirable outcomes. It’s not safe to spray the whole roof when it’s freezing outside.

  1. Clean The Gutters

Clean The Gutters

Clogged gutters could be the reason for a leaky roof. Channels that have not been cleaned for days or months will cause debris to build up during rain. Thus, avoid letting your gutters be blocked by leaves and other debris by cleaning them regularly. Start a thorough cleaning of your drains to fix your leaky roof.

  1. Using The Proper Nails And Screw

Using the Proper Nails and Screw

Rubber-washer screws are good at keeping water away because of their rubber washers. These washers act as an excellent sealant so that water stays on top. Most of the time, the holes made by regular screws or nails often rust and create holes that are large enough to allow water to pass through. Avoid this problem by using the proper nails and screws on your roof.

  1. Use Matching Tiles

Use Matching Tiles

If the tile on your rooftop has been damaged, visit the nearest store and find a color match for it. Once you see a matching tile, immediately replace the cracked or the broken tile because it could be the reason why you have a leaky roof.

It’s essential that you keep the functionality of your roof, as well as maintaining the aesthetics of it intact. If you don’t know how to fix your roof issues, you can hire Pineapple Roofing LLC to do the work for you.

  1. Takeaway

Fixing your rooftop can be a daunting task. It’s potentially dangerous work. Thus, observing proper precautions is a must. The procedures discussed above would make fixing roofs more manageable.

For those who don’t have any experience in roofing, no worries because, for sure, you can do it by examining these natural remedies. If you’re still not up to the task, you can always call for professional services to do the work. After all, who’d want to spend their rainy days wet?

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