Italian Design Lamps: High-End Craftsmanship, Innovation And Sustainability


Italian Design Lamps

Are you looking for information about lamps and lighting systems for the interiors? Would you prefer contemporary style instead of a classical one?

If your answer is yes, this is the right place, but be careful. This is not a guide about how to choose the right model for the floor lamp or the right dimension of the table lamp. In this article, we will talk about Italian design lamps, and we will find out why to choose Made in Italy solutions.

It is a fact that when we talk about Italian design, we usually think about Milan, the mother country of design with its events, fairs, labs and young designers; we think about the technological innovation and the long artisan tradition of Made in Italy too, from small family-run companies to the biggest factories. It’s all true. Italian design scenario is characterized by tradition and innovation, but that’s not all, as we will see shortly by talking about the Italian design lamps.

High-End Craftsmanship Of The Italian Design Lamps

Two “souls” animate Italian design lamp companies. On the one hand, the strong craftsmanship vocation, on the other one, the search for trends and the tendency to innovate.

The craft vocation translates into the design of bespoke lamps also projected and developed in different sizes, small, medium, and large, to adapt to different space dimensions and to answer every customer need.

Designers work carefully on the project. They start from a concept, expand it by dialoguing with the end customers to meet their needs; they draw inspiration from everything all around them, from nature to the city, and these are the reasons why Italian design lamps could be considered as unique art pieces, high-level intellectual products, an expression of the contemporary times as designers want to tell them.

Innovation Is All In Details

Search for trends and innovation is all in detail. Italian design lamps could have a modern or classical style. In both cases, they are characterized by a careful search for innovative materials, shapes, and lighting systems.

For example, the choice of automatic on and off systems perfectly suites with a modern home and home automation systems; the combination of different materials, or the choice of abstract shapes, create a visual fracture and make these lamps the ideal solution for modern houses similar to an art gallery, full of particular objects.

Sustainable Solutions For Every Space Of The House

Did you know the existence of sustainable lamps? Italian design lamp companies are very attentive to the environment—many of the project and manufacture lamps that are made of recycled material, 100% sustainable.

Why this choice? Once, hand-made ceiling lights and wall lamps, for example, were also made using toxic materials such as the lead for the decorations. They were unique art pieces, of course, but they were also potentially harmful to human health because some materials, if heated, could release microparticles into the environment.

Nowadays, international and European laws pay attention to the health of the environment and people. This is the reason why the lamps are designed to respect the health of people and the environment.

You can easily understand that it would be better to use only recycled materials in your house because it is the place where we spend a great part of our time.

Sustainable lamps are made of recycled or recyclable materials such as metal, glass, and tissues. These materials, if combined with clean lines and simple shapes, give the lamp a modern style that perfectly suite your contemporary style interiors.

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