Italian Homes For Sale In Florence


Italian Homes For Sale

The idea of buying your own homes fills you with all sorts of overwhelming emotions. So it is no surprise that buying a house is an investment; a person does in his lifetime.

Living in Italy does not only mean being able to count on a Mediterranean climate that makes temperate winters and mild summers and is always bathed by the seas surrounding the peninsula. Tuscany is the place where buying a house is becoming a must for Hollywood stars.

Why Buy A Home In Italy?

Among all the enchanting and wonderful places in which to think of being able to go and live in the world, Italy can only be certainly in the carnet of favorite destinations. The reason is soon explained. We are not just talking about living in a country with the best cuisine in the world, as confirmed by recent research by TasteAtlas. Living in Italy means much more than beaches that can be enjoyed from north to south of the country; of the sun that warms people’s faces and hearts; of a life without stress or, in any case, with a rate certainly lower than the frenzy of the metropolises around the world. Living in Italy means first being in the cradle of civilization. And this is why thinking of planning a future in the “Bel Paese” is not a utopia.

Where In Italy

There are different answers to this question. Of course, the answers vary depending on the needs of the individuals who choose to move. If you are a sea lover, for example, Sicily, Puglia, and Sardinia are the regions with a natural vocation towards this type of induced, and where summer is breathed all year round.

If you want to live a more relaxed life with rhythms and get away as much as possible from the stress of everyday life, Umbria and Marche are the ideal places to buy a house.

If you are looking for quality food, history, and culture oozing on every street corner with the Renaissance at the forefront, take a look at the Italian homes for sale in Florence.


Tuscany is a magnificent place that, not by chance, has been the home of the most important artists in history: from Leonardo to Michelangelo, Raffaello, and Giotto. Without forgetting, of course, Dante Alighieri. Florence is a real open-air art museum with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s marble bell tower, and the octagonal Baptistery.

If you want to enjoy culture at 360 degrees, do not forget that Florence is the home of the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens, and the artisan shops of the Oltrarno, where you can make excellent deals between leathers of exquisite workmanship and gold expertly worked by Italian labor.

Tuscan Suburbs

But the masterpieces do not end there. Well connected by public transport, in the suburbs of Florence we find cities that deserve at least a visit. Among these, we mention Pisa, famous for its cracked tower; Lucca, which has become a worldwide meeting point for the world of comics; and Siena.

Known worldwide for the Palio that takes place twice a year and immersed in Chianti and Maremma, world-famous directors and writers have found inspiration in Siena: Oliver Stone is here; he shot some of the most emblematic scenes of “Gladiator”. But we could also talk about Richard Gere, Jeremy Irons, Sting, Ridley Scott, and Hillary Clinton, who chose this magnificent land to buy a house or to invest by showing their love for Tuscany.


Living in Italy does not only mean being able to count on a Mediterranean climate that makes temperate winters and mild summers and is always bathed by the seas surrounding the peninsula. Living in Italy means, above all, thinking that you can be constantly immersed in the culture and exquisite cuisine, the best in the world, according to the survey recently published by Taste Atlas.

But each region presents its differences to respond evidently also to what may be the needs of those who choose to buy a house in this enchanting place. And if Marche and Umbria are the perfect place to lead a more relaxed life away from the chaos of the big cities, Sicily, Puglia, and Sardinia lend themselves more naturally to those who choose to combine a life by the sea, surrounded by people and the flavors of good food, in addition to a culture made of foreign dominations that also influence the landscapes.

But to make plain of all this, also adding an important piece of world Renaissance culture, Tuscany, Florence, and its suburbs are the perfect combination to be able to think of buying a house. Why even its suburbs? The answer is simple: Tuscany is not only synonymous with unique places like Florence, where you can fall in love with the works of Dante, Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, and many others in an open-air museum with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore; Giotto’s Baptistery, the Uffizi Gallery, and the craft shops of Oltrarno.

Tuscany is also the Middle Ages that you can breathe in locations such as Lucca and Siena, the latter city known worldwide for its Palio that takes place twice a year. Buying a house here means being constantly immersed in the nature of Chianti and Maremma as well as having the opportunity to often meet Hollywood stars and well-known personalities in the world of art and culture who have chosen to make the province of Florence and all of Tuscany their new home.

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