It’s Black! It’s White!


Monochrome Painting

Monochrome gives elegance to home décor. And this season you can go for the black and white. This is big on the fashion runways as well as in the interiors. Las Vegas Design center has reported monochrome black and white décor as the biggest trend in homes. This also includes monochromatic use of white, black, and grey colors in exotic graphics, even in African prints, patterns such as polka dots and stripes, draperies, and even in Cutlery.

Charcoal Sketches

The newest trend in wall art is charcoal sketches which are being used for doing the walls.

Black and White Monochromes

Choosing the monochrome black and white shows a lot more about the personality of the home and its owner. It reveals to be bold and dramatic.

Tips For Using Black And White:

Monochrome Black and White

Here are some interior décor ideas which you can do monochrome of black and white at your home:

Use In Prints And Patterns:

Prints and Patterns

Mixing and matching the patterns in prints such as squares, diamonds, chevron, stripes, and chevron symbolizes the new cool way to do black and white at home. You need to make a contrast.

White Cutlery

White Cutlery: do the kitchen in pure white and black artwork on the walls.

Furniture With A Touch Of Monochrome:

Monochrome Furniture

Get the furniture done with monochrome geometric prints; it draws attention.

If you have a white sofa, then highlight it with a futuristic vibe with the black lampshades on the sides.


Monochrome Rug

Monochrome rugs add visual energy to the room. Like with a white sofa, you can have soft black leather cushions, and a carpet in the same combination brings character to the room.

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