Just Do It: 5 Remodeling And Designing Ideas Your House Needs For 2017


Next to fashion, another field that follows trends and discoveries is interior designing. This area includes home design or remodeling. Designing for a new big house for a family of six or remodeling an apartment for a solo flight, either way, people who do the job follow the trends present in whatever list they have.

Many ideas and styles died along the way. Some are still surviving in their favorite spots while experts are reviving other ideas. The fame in the game of interior designing is fluctuating. One day you’ll be number one on the favored list of the public, the next day, you won’t be, and the year after, they would want you back.

Such an event is somehow similar to bamboo hardwood flooring that is also on this list. Experts believe this list of the latest remodeling ideas and innovations is hitting for 2017 house design trends.

  1. Get Real, Get Bamboos

Brown Wooden Sofa Set With Lighted Table Lamp

Almost everyone in the 21st century grows so much attachment for the environment more and more that some people even get nature-themed designs for their houses. In all honesty, nature is one of the best designs there could be for a house. Unfortunately, instead of that knowledge, 2017 sells off such an idea with the bamboos.

Bamboos are one of the favorite plants of Panda but are pretty much no longer the favorite of humans. Bamboos were once on the top of hardwood flooring, but synthetic woods took the spotlight from the original.

However, this year 2017, many professionals expect humans to refer back to the original hardwood flooring expert, namely, the bamboo. So they stick with the fact that the real bamboo can have refinished again and again until forever. On the other hand, synthetic hardwoods can only accept two or three times were refinishing and would not even last a lifetime.

  1. Rock That Beauty: Quartz


The genuineness of having some rocks in the texture of your kitchen counter or walls can send a fresh and sophisticated vibe. In ancient China, people believe that rocks can absorb the house’s bad spirit, resulting in good harmony in the family.

But other than plain beliefs, there are types of rocks that can mold your house into a better home by beautifying it. For the idea of beautification, quartz sprinkled on your kitchen can cause dramatic changes.

Quartz garnered many patronizers in these past few years, and it seems like it’ll continue to be one of the public’s favorite because of its elegance and beauty. For example, quartz can turn a regular kitchen countertop into a beautiful countertop that won’t be needing any remodeling anytime soon. It is one of the reasons why quartz is famous for most homeowners. They can display timeless beauty even with minimal maintenance.

  1. Smart Living: Latest Tech Kinks

Clean Apartment

This list won’t be complete without mentioning the latest innovations and the most recent technologies for your home. In the 21st century, it is a miracle to have a house without a single electronic appliance. Yet, technology already plays a significant part in our daily lives, and it evolves in the future.

There have been tons of innovations that would lead to a smart home like an indoor garden, a two-in-one trash can and vacuum cleaner, and a coffee alarm table. But above all these gadgets, the most to hit the top for the year of the rooster is the wifi-connected appliances.

Being able to maximize the utilization of an apparatus is one of the smartest ideas there is. And for the people in present times, being able to make coffee with your wifi-equipped Coffee machine even when you are still 30-minutes away from home is one of the smartest ideas. When you get home by then, a warm aroma of coffee is welcoming you home sweet home.

  1. Built-In-Bar: House Party

Black Steel Chairs Beside Glass Window White Brown Blinds

When we say bar, we don’t mean a full swinging bar with a 20 meter-long counter or a high-ceiling wine cellar, though those are good ideas for a lavish house party. However, if your budget does not agree with your desires, there are still some ways to have a bar inside your walls of comfort.

Many homeowners brag that they have a built-in bar that can cater to particular people of their choice 24-hours. Such an idea may seem too expensive, but actually, you can have this bar without even the need to spend hundreds of thousands of bucks.

Some pieces of furniture can be good enough to act as a built-in bar that can entertain your friends or your broken heart. To have a built-in bar, you need a high table paired up with high stools. This furniture should be situated on the wall so that you can make in-wall storage for a few champagne glasses and wine. Viola! A mini built-in bar to cater for your house party is at your service 24/7.

Just a friendly advice, after some party, you might want to call some Houston window cleaning service if things get a little wild.

  1. Go Big, Get Small

Contemporary Apartment

The minimalist style is up and running on the “trend” mill, and it seems like it won’t be getting off anytime soon. In this busy world of ours, let’s face it, we wouldn’t have much time to manage and clean up our house as much as we want to.

In most cases, people these days would be tired enough to slump on the bed the moment they get home, which is a frequent event. So with that in mind, we wouldn’t appreciate that extravagant cabinet or even that $1,000 king bed you just slumped on.

In this instance, wouldn’t it be appropriate to divert your course to a minimalist level and live life simpler with smaller appliances and pieces of furniture? Anyway, the goal is to be rich and not to look rich.

Also, a smaller and simpler house could be more breathable than a cluttered room filled with expensive materials that may not be that necessary for your everyday survival. If you keep more valuable things, it’ll be easier for you to clean the mess and clutters, and it’ll be easier for you to live around rather than having extravagant appliances and furniture at home.


The innovations and the different ideas for remodeling these past few years have become more and more attractive. These remodeling styles and designs are also affordable and doable, even for average Janes and Johns. They also pose necessities that can help bring ease to a person’s life.

There have been many ideas that can improve the interior of the house and the lifestyle of the individual. A minimalist outlook, for example, can not only expand the space of the home but can also change the principles of a person.

These new trends and innovations that promote DIY projects like the built-in bars can also trigger the creativeness within us individuals. It only proves that a great house doesn’t require huge money but only creative thinking.

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