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Modern Architecture with fresh gardenSummer is considered as one of the harshest seasons when it comes to look of garden specially plants with flowers and sensitivity instinct. There are very common and easy to do practices if you want to keep your garden as good as it is in all other seasons along with its fresh and new green look which is one of its beauties which inspire us throughout the year in maintain and even making our garden better and better. To keep the plants in good foam we often need to do a little cutting and treasuring of them, which not only keep them active but also make them better looking as this process adapts their existence with the garden and overall look of the garden. But if the weather conditions are harsh like as we face in summer this little treasuring could be even fatal but following some of the basic cares will ensure that treasured plants not only look best but also keep on coming again and again year after a year.

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Let’s start with plants having flowers in summer season. For a tulip plant, tulip re-blossoms has nothing to do with the sort of tulip it is but everything to do with the area, soil conditions and, in particular, soil temperature and dampness level. The issue we waterfront cultivators generally run into is that we get a kick out of the chance to blend tulips in perpetual outskirts, or in bloom cots that get replanted with summer annuals later in spring. After the flowers appear on tulip the only demand of the tulip plant is a warm, fast draining and a dry soil which preferably needs to be sandy where they can quickly re start their process of rejuvenation. These are some of the conditions which tulip plants don’t get in summer in most of the gardens which really affect their look as well as growth. Sprinklers are pulled out or watering system frameworks are turned on in late-May or June and blossom informal lodging are ceaselessly watered through summer. This leads the overall conditions of soil to become moist and cold. As becoming moist and cold has no relevancy with the dry conditions, so tulip bulbs hate this combo and develop serious effects which totally effect their growth and the natural shine they own. It completely upsets the knob’s recovery cycle.

You can keep numerous blossoming plants sprouting longer by consistently deadheading – uprooting the used blossoms before the plant has room schedule-wise to ponder creating seed. This is particularly valid for roses. Keep them blossoming by cutting off the blurred blooms simply over a new set of five takes off. This will advertise re-blossoming with everything except one-time blooming “old enclosure roses. We normally find this that our neighbor garden looks better than ours, this is because of the treatment they follow for the dead plants. We find out some of the plants are seasonal and they can’t bear hard weather condition of summer so become dull and finally end up dead. The neighbor garden look good because they keep on changing those plants with something new and better which adds to the overall look of the garden.

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