Keep Your Garden Pest Free the Natural Way


In this article, we discuss the natural ways on how to keep your garden pest-free.

Though slugs, beetles, and bugs are a part of the natural world, this doesn’t mean they have to be tolerated all the time, especially when they are already destroying the garden. Humans, on the other hand, mustn’t get rid of them in the most common way they know, which is using chemicals, such as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, because they are toxic to flora and fauna. So, what is the best way to do it?

Quite contrary to common belief, a garden can become pest-free, without having to use any of the commercial products. Here are some easy ways:

  1. Use Lemon Spray

Lemon Drops

Lemons are considered super fruits. This fruit can be transformed into thousands of natural home remedies, such as hair conditioner, fabric whitener, and insect repellents. But, have you ever thought of using it to keep your garden free from unwanted pests naturally? With lemons, this can be possible. Grate the rind of several lemons and let it boil in water. Allow the solution to sit overnight. The next day, put it in a spray container. Now, you can spray it to your plants and observe how it grows healthily.

  1. Try Making A Neem Spray

Neem Spray

Neem tree is known as a natural insect repellant. Other than that, it has a thousand more uses. By crushing its leaves and then mixing it in cold water, you can create a powerful pesticide. However, you must take caution not to use hot water as it removes its insect repellent properties. Once you are through, keep it inside a bottle and spray it to your garden plants.

  1. Experiment With Garlic

Experiment With Garlic

Aside from its flavor-enhancing traits, garlic is also an effective solution to keeping your garden pest-free. Start by throwing in some chopped garlic cloves in warm water and wait until it completely cools down. You can now remove the garlic cloves and drizzle it over the garden soil.

  1. Stew Onions, Pepper, and Garlic

Stew Onions, Pepper, and Garlic

Although this looks more like a step in cooking a delicious meal, it is an effective way to keep insects and pests away from the garden. After this, combine the pepper, onion, and garlic in hot water. Allow it steep for a night. And then, remove the vegetable parts and pour the liquid in a spray bottle. The result is a deadly mixture for all sorts of insects.

  1. Line Your Garden With Helpful Plants

Line Your Garden With Helpful Plants

With plants that naturally repel pests and attract helpful insects, your garden will become garden-free. These plants include garlic, onion, marigolds, daisies, and nasturtiums.

  1. Sprinkle Coffee Or Eggshells On The Ground

Sprinkle Coffee Or Eggshells On The Ground

Coffee is a wonderful and useful addition to the ground of the garden. Because they contain nitrogen, they increase the acidity level of the soil, which is great for acid-loving plants like Magnolia, Willow Oak, Holly, and Azaleas. Also, coffee grounds keep away a variety of creatures, including slugs, cats, and deer. If you think coffee is way too expensive, try spreading eggshells all over the ground. Critters with soft bellies will not want to mess with these things.

  1. Scare The Pests Off With Decorations, Like Sprinklers

Scare The Pests Off With Decorations, Like Sprinklers

If you think you don’t have enough time to prepare insect sprays, then you can keep your insect enemies off your garden with some tools. Just like regular lawn sprinklers, scarecrow sprinklers are useful in any garden, only that they serve three purposes at once; they water the plants, they beautify the place, and they scare off pests and insects.

Sometimes, the smallest of all pests are those that bring the most damage in the garden. But, this doesn’t imply you have to resort to pesticides that are chemical-based. By using these organic methods, you can keep your garden safe and healthy, without even causing harm to your environment.

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