Keep Your Shed Organized And Clean


Keep Your Shed Organized And Clean

A shed can make a great addition to your house and property, adding storage space for lawn equipment and garden tools. It can also quickly become a disorganized catch-all. With some easy tips, you can keep your shed organized and clean.

Storing Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Gardening should be enjoyable and relaxing. Spending 15 minutes looking for your garden gloves and a hand shovel can quickly turn that joy into frustration. If you have a storage system for your gardening tools, you can soon get to the task at hand rather than spend your time looking for your equipment.

A peg-board can make your life much more comfortable. You can hang all your tools and equipment on the peg-board, so they are easy to find. To take it a step further, after you place all your tools on the pegboard using hooks, take a marker or pencil and trace the shape of your tools. When something is taken down and not put back in its appropriate place, you will be able to know what it is by the shape left behind and locate it before it is needed. This will keep you more organized.

Another fun solution: magnetic boards and strips. These will help you keep track of metal items that adhere to the strips. If you want to get creative, use the two in conjunction with one another.

Shelves Will Save You Space

Sturdy Shelves

Purchase some sturdy shelves to keep items off the floor. They aren’t just for books inside your house. Instead of having your hoses and buckets piled on the ground, place them on a shelf. This will free up floor space and keep your shed more organized and clutter-free. If you have starter pots and potting soil leftover from last season, place these on their shelf. Grass seeds and fertilizers can be put on different shelves. The more you separate your gardening and lawn care items, the easier it will be to locate them when they are needed.

Put A Bench In Your Shed

Shaded Garden Bench

Putting a bench inside of your shed can serve a couple of purposes. When you are ready to plant your starter seeds in the late winter, having a bench inside your shed will be a nice place to prepare your pots. Having a dedicated bench will help you stay organized. Instead of having a bench attached to the outside of your shed, putting it inside will keep it dry and out of the elements. You can also work in your shed when it’s raining so that you aren’t wasting days due to poor weather.

Use The Small Wall Spaces For Additional Storage

Wall Storage

An old chick feeder or wire basket can easily be affixed to the walls of your shed for extra storage. Here you can place your: seed packets, popsicle sticks for marking what you planted, markers and pens, hand clippers, clothespins, etc. Instead of having these items scattered about your shed, simple small baskets can be an easy way to keep your shed organized and clean.

Use The Space Above

Garden Shed

Large items, such as a weed-wacker, wheelbarrow, and shovels, can take up a lot of floor space. By using the space at the top of your shed, you can get the most out of the area and keep the floor space open for walking and moving about.

Get sturdy hooks and hang your large items from the ceiling. You don’t want them so high that you cannot reach them quickly, but by keeping them off the floor, you can have more room for your shelves and potting bench. Using every inch of shed space smartly is the key.

Utilize Storage Bins

Utilize Storage Bins

Storage Bins are great for the organization but also for keeping mice and other creatures out of things like your birdseed, grass seed, and seeding hay. Mice and squirrels love to eat the seed and nest in things like hay and newspapers. Storing these items in sealed totes or bins will keep the vermin out.

Storage bins also are great for keeping items like Christmas decorations and other holiday décor organized and out of the way in the off-seasons.

Use A Label Maker


Label makers are great for any organization’s project. Whether labeling totes, baskets, or shelves, a label maker will help you to ensure items are put back where they belong and help you to find things quickly and easily.

Sheds are a great place to store your gardening and lawn care items. Keeping them organized is key for maximizing space and being able to find things when you need them.

But what do you do when you don’t have a shed? That’s easy. Just build one. It’s easier than you think. First, find some excellent or premium DIY shed plans that make it easy for people of any skill level to quickly build a garden shed, like the ones here by 3DSHEDPLANS.

Once you are finished, you will be cleaning up your garden clutter in no time.

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