Keep Your Silverware Safe Its Monsoon Time


Silverware Care

A monsoon is a time when there is excessive moisture in the air. And this can affect many things in our home. And one such thing is our silverware.

Sparkling silverware is what we like, but you will have to worry about how the moisture can affect it during the rainy season. But after reading this article, you can forget your worry. We will help you keep your silverware clean and sparkling. The expensive silverware doesn’t need to get jaded. Maintaining your silverware shine may seem a mammoth task during the rainy season due to high humidity levels. But with the right care, they will remain polished and twinkling. Here are damage control methods to keep your silverware safe this rainy season.

Silverware Cleaning

It would help if you protected silver from coming in contact with sulfur in the atmosphere. You must not stash away the silverware but use it regularly such that sulfur sulfide film gets removed. This will be able to remove tarnish. In case you have decorative products, you must wipe them with a soft cloth daily while you are dusting your house. This will delay the tarnish.

If you have heavily tarnished pieces, you can clean such heavily tarnished silverware with foam, liquid paste, and sprays. Silver dips are also effective. Use a weak solution of the washing soda with water to clean stained teapots. Never clean any pierced silverware with the cloth as it can affect the shape, and cloth may get caught its edges and get a tear. Use a soft brush and use it for cleaning. Never wash silverware with stainless steel items in dishwater.

Silverware Care Tips

This will help you keep your silverware clean and shining and even in the monsoon season.

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