Keeping Clutter At Bay: 4 Essential Home Organization Principles


4 Ways To Overcome Clutter For Good

A house full of clutter can quickly become overwhelming. Once the clutter starts to add up, it’s hard to get rid of it all and get back to having a clean, clutter-free home. However, four important home organization principles can help get the home organized and keep it that way. Follow the tips here to get rid of the clutter and to make sure it doesn’t start piling up again.

  1. Make Sure Everything Has A Home

When everything has a home, nothing will end up piled on the counters, the kitchen table, or somewhere near the front door. Plus, it’s easier to see what has already been purchased. This way, rebuying products that are missing is not going to be necessary. You should even have a way to store your artificial Christmas tree. Those who have a lot of clutter or want help finding a home for everything can visit now and get expert advice. This is often the biggest part of getting organized, but it’s not a step that can be skipped.

  1. Get In The Habit Of Putting Things Away

Even if everything has a home, it’s not going to help unless everything is put away after being used. It’s crucial to get in the habit of putting things away immediately. If something is left on the table to be put away later, the chances are good; it’s not going to be put away for a very long time. Instead, the item should be put away immediately so it doesn’t take up space elsewhere and can be easily found when it’s needed in the future.

  1. Manage What Comes In The House

After shopping, make sure any new items are put away immediately. New clothes can go straight to the closet instead of being left by the front door. New craft items should go with other craft items; school supplies should go with other school supplies, and so on. Mail should be sorted at the door, so any junk mail can be tossed before it ends up taking up space somewhere in the house. Bills and other mail should be put away so they can be easily found when they’re needed. For backpacks or other items that come inside and leave the next morning again, entryway baskets are a great idea.

  1. Use Containers Everywhere

Containers can be used throughout the home to keep everything organized. Reuse old containers to avoid purchasing a lot of new organizational tools and to find out what works and what doesn’t before spending a lot of money. Keep bathroom supplies in smaller containers and stack them on a shelf or under the sink. Put clothes that are out of season in larger baskets in the closet so they’re out of the way. Keep other supplies in baskets as needed, and consider clear bins for things that need to be easily seen.

Getting rid of clutter and preventing cluttering an area can take a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. By following the steps listed here, it’s possible to get the entire house under control and minimize the potential for any clutter to build up again. Make sure everything has a home, and everything goes to its home after it’s used or once it has been purchased. Once this is a habit, keeping clutter away won’t be so hard.

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