Keeping Warm At Home During The Winter Months


Keep Warm

Winter means ditching the t-shirts and shorts and replacing them with cozy sweaters and thermals. We’re all looking for ways to keep warm at home while reducing bills and staying safe. Here are some suggestions to help.

Heating And Safety Checks

As the weather continues to get colder, we’re all more likely to switch on our heating. If you have a fireplace, it can feel cozy to switch it on during these colder evenings. However, it’s worth getting fireplaces, radiators, and other heaters checked and certified as safe. They’ve been switched off all summer, and now it’s essential to know if there are any potential risks in using them.

Although personal safety in the home is important, using these appliances to heat your home can also alter your home insurance quote. Without an adequate safety check carried out by a certified professional, you might not be fully covered.

Check For Drafts

Nobody wants to spend more on heating costs than they have to. However, if you’re heating your home but have drafts, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You can take steps to prevent heat from escaping through gaps in windows and doors. These include door brushes for gaps underneath your doors, applying weather stripping to your windows, and reglazing any loose window panes.

If you’re not sure where the heat is escaping from, you can buy a thermal leak detector relatively cheaply, compared to the cost of wasted heat.

Rugs And Thermal Curtains

Rugs and thermal curtains can help to keep in the heat. If you have linoleum floors, this might be great in summer, but in winter, it can make your home feel colder. Rugs can add a layer of insulation to your floor, and unlike carpets, they are easier to store away in warmer months if you have the extra storage space in your home.

Thermal curtains work by preventing the cold air from entering the room and heat from escaping, so they keep your heated room warmer for longer. Although it may be a good thing to let light into your rooms during the day, thermal curtains are beneficial for keeping the heat in at night, when many people are more likely to be home.

Cozy Sweaters And Hot Water Bottles

Simple things like cozy sweaters and hot water bottles are also great for keeping warm. When the heating is turned off or switched to a lower setting at night, hot water bottles can help warm up your bed. There are many novelty hot water bottles available, and children often love the animal characters to snuggle up with. Those with wheat bags can be a safer alternative for children.

If you’re working from home during the day and are the only one at home, a cozy sweater might be a better option than switching on the heat.

Enjoy the winter season and make your home warm and cozy, without overspending or compromising on home safety.

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