Key Ideas On Choosing Your Living Room Style


Living Room Style

The living room is one of the most important spaces within a home. We spend most of our waking hours there. Recently, living rooms have become our offices as well.

Besides, the living room is a space where memories are made. We spend countless hours with our family there, and it is where we host our friends and guests. Therefore, the design of your living room should be comfortable and inviting.

But also, decorating your living room should send a clear message about your personality and your family’s values.

So, without any further delay, here is what designers recommend to make a stylish and unforgettable living room.

Experiment With The Texture

Soft Velvet Couch

Usually, people tend to see design as an activity that produces appealing visuals. But the best design goes further than that. The best spaces are those that are pleasant for our eyes as they are for our skin.

Therefore, center your new living room around a soft velvet couch. It will welcome you after a long day at work or gather your guests during a weekend party.

Apart from velvet, you can bring in some texture dynamics with leather, metal, stone, and glass.

Finally, remember the organic materials. Plants match almost any style and bring a sense of freshness into your home.

The Floor Matters

Pattern Rug

Whether or not your living room needs a rug, you can bring one in just for fun. If you prefer naked floors for easier cleaning, you can introduce a small Moroccan shag you can quickly remove.

Pattern rugs are powerful tools for creating a special atmosphere and energy inside the living space. Ask yourself: how do you want to feel in your living room? And then choose rugs accordingly.

If you want comfort, opt for cotton and loomed models. Or, for example, you might want something eco-friendly. In that case, you are looking for hand-made wool and jute carpets.

Also, don’t forget that the size of your living room has a lot to do with your carpets’ design and size. Oversized rugs make space look bigger, while round patterns and many colors make the room feel comfier and smaller.

Let the Light Come In

Natural Light

Whenever you have the chance, remove anything that stands in the way of natural light coming into your living room. The space of a living room needs to be aired and bright because it accommodates a lot of different activities and energies.

So, don’t put any shelves or too dark curtains that might block the windows. Also, if there is a possibility to make a glass wall, do it. It is a landmark of a modern home.

Think carefully about the lamps and night lighting. Make sure to have both direct and indirect dimmed lights.

Choose Mobile Furniture

Mobile Furniture

Mobility is one of the key attributes of modernity. Therefore, if you want a living room by the latest design standards, you should have lightweight movables.

Instead of one large and heavy bookshelf, put two smaller ones. Opt for small tables, sofas, and stools that can easily be moved and removed in case of a birthday party, family gathering, or game night.

Also, having mobile furniture makes your living room much less locked and more dynamic. You will be able to customize the space and make little changes frequently.

Stay Bold And Add Contrast

Inspirational Modern Living Room

If you want a living room with an attitude, don’t allow it to sink into muted colors. First of all, adding colors that you didn’t have around too often can significantly refresh your living space.

Think about yellow or purple, for example. If in appealing hues, they can make a beautiful, energetic mood inside your living room.

Then, of course, you don’t want a uni-colored room, because it can be tiring for the eyes. If you have a loud dominating color, turn it down with darker shades of pastel-colored details.

Make It Playful And Personal

Remember that you don’t need to be rich to have a memorable living room. You can redecorate it on a budget and still turn it into a snug and welcoming space with thoughtful details.

So, make sure to consult the latest trends and listen to designers’ advice, but at the end of the day, it is your personal space. It is a place for objects that make you feel safe and remind you of important events and people in your life.

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