Key Tips For Finding The Perfect Mattress For Kids


Everyone needs a good rest, and that includes your kids. The perfect mattress may help your child drift to dreamland in a few minutes after their heads meet the pillows. A proper good night’s sleep experienced by your child might give them a happy disposition when morning arrives. You might find it challenging to deal with grumpy children, so help improve your kid’s happiness and health with these four key tips in finding the right children’s mattress.

  1. Choose The Right Size


First, consider the age and height of your child. Children may have different mattress size requirements depending on their age groups. For instance, you might need a mattress for your infant’s crib. If so, many crib mattress manufacturers follow a standard size. Make sure to follow the measurements of your baby’s crib when shopping for the right mattress.

As for toddlers, consider thinking about the short-term. Many children transition from toddler to kid in a few years. A toddler bed may include a low or partial railing. This feature may help prevent your child from rolling out of bed when they’re still in dreamland.

Next, if you already have a kid of over 36 months of age, then you may shop around for extra options on the market. A twin-sized mattress may suffice for many kids. However, you may choose to buy a full-sized bed for your child if you’re planning. Nonetheless, always remember the comfort levels of the mattress you’re planning to buy. A well rested and a happy child may bring comfort to weary parents.

  1. Set A Budget


It might be easy to get carried away when shopping around for the perfect mattress for kids. Know your spending allowance before you enter a store. Also, setting a ceiling for your expenses may help you narrow your search.

For example, you might be searching for a twin-sized mattress for your kid. These beds may have a price range of anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Conversely, you may consider buying a memory foam bed for your child. The material may help relieve pressure in specific areas when your kid sleeps. It may also accommodate different sleeping positions, which may be ideal for children who like to rest in various situations.

Still, it might be tempting to buy the cheapest mattress available. However, cheap doesn’t always mean good quality. In this case, consider buying for the long-term. A right and well-maintained mattress may last for many years. So, you can use it once more if you’re planning to add another family member in the future.

  1. Check The Firmness


A firm bed doesn’t mean it’s hard as a rock. Check the firmness of the mattress before buying to see if it can accommodate your kid’s growing bones and spine. Many parents consider buying a firm bed with the right comfort level for their children. A firm mattress might help encourage bone growth and spinal alignment.

Children’s beds might use specific features to keep the mattress firm. These elements may include:

  • Coil springs
  • High-density foam
  • Memory foam
  • Latex rubber core

Try spending time with your child by inviting them to the store. Let your kid lay on different mattress types found in the establishment’s showroom. However, if you’re buying from an online provider, it might be better to read a few reviews about the product you’re about to buy before hitting the “Add to Cart” button.

  1. Consider The Durability


A mattress for children may become an investment. Preserve that asset by making sure that the bed will last for more than a few years. Also, remember that certain kids might have the extra energy pools to jump on their beds when they want. Thus, consider the durability of the mattress before buying the product.

Many mattresses may last for over a decade with proper maintenance. However, the lifespan of the bed may depend on the materials used in its production.

You might want to opt for a bed with high-quality foam with thick layers. This material may last longer than several cheaply-made beds. Also, consider buying a mattress protector to help increase the life of the bed even longer than intended.


Buying the perfect mattress for kids might be challenging for specific individuals. Parents may also add this instance as part of a home remodeling project. Nonetheless, consider these tips the next time you’re shopping around for the right bed for your child. Again, don’t forget to read feedback from past customers to see if the mattress you’re eyeing to buy will be worth your money.

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