Key Tips For Making Your Home Warmer During Winter


Cozy Home In Winter

In northern hemisphere countries with four distinct seasons, summer is now nearing its end, and autumn is fast approaching. This is the prelude to the cold winter months. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, there’s still some months of cold weather left before spring arrives. Every winter, regardless of your location, requires a huge adjustment to the temperature drop. Aspects such as thicker clothing and the condition of your home must be considered.

To keep safe from the cold—particularly in countries where temperatures regularly hover below freezing—people must keep their homes warm. That way, they can experience comfort and avoid cold-related illnesses like asthma and hypothermia.

Start preparing for the colder months by learning various tricks to make your home warmer.

  1. Invest In A Quality Heater

This first tip may seem like an obvious one, but a quality heater is the best possible way to stay warm in winter. From gas to split-systems and electric heaters, there are countless models to choose from, depending on your budget and property. For instance, single units are effective in small apartments, whereas a vented gas system may be more effective in a large home. Make sure you research before making a purchase and choose the right heat type for your circumstances.

If your house already has a heating system in place, it’s a good idea to have it checked before winter to ensure it’s in good working condition. In the spring and summer months, you may not use your heater and, therefore, won’t know whether it still functions properly. Take a proactive approach, and avoid risking a broken heating system when temperatures drop. On average, heating and air conditioning systems need maintenance once every six months, so be sure you’re up-to-date.

  1. Open Your Curtains

In the morning, when the sun rises in the east, you should open up your curtains to let heat and light in. Sunlight is free, so maximize it! This way, when it gets darker, there’ll be enough heat in your house to keep it a little warmer, and you won’t need to use your heater at high temperatures. This can help you lower your electricity expenses in the winter months.

Just remember to close the curtains when the sun sets, so you trap the heat inside your home.

  1. Use Your Oven

The winter season also calls for more comforting food, like rich stews and hot soups. There’s nothing better than warm food on a frosty winter night. For most people, this means more frequent use of the oven.

You can use the heat from the oven to your advantage, too. Once you’re done baking, turn the oven off, but leave the doors open. The heat coming from inside the oven will warm your kitchen and surrounding spaces, and it’ll smell good, too.

  1. Re-Position Your Large Furniture

If you have large pieces of furniture around your home, like sofas and cabinets, make sure they’re not covering your heating vents or radiator.

Come winter, re-position this furniture, so it doesn’t cover your heating system. Otherwise, instead of heating the entire room, the heat will get absorbed by the sofa, and you’ll only be wasting electricity.

This same tip also applies to clothes you may have placed on top of the radiator to dry or curtains that cover it. Remember to remove these to make the most out of your heat source.

  1. Lay Out Some Rugs

Rugs and carpets can be a huge benefit and source of comfort in winter. Their fibers will protect your feet and prevent you from walking on the cold floor, thereby keeping your body warm in the process. They also work to provide added insulation.

To ensure your rugs are effective, consider the following factors:

  • Make sure that the size of the rugs is proportionate with the room you’re trying to heat.
  • The thicker the rug, the more warmth it provides.
  • For insulation purposes, wool is the best kind of material.
  1. Change Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction

No one wants to use a fan during the cold winter season. But, with the right technique, your ceiling fan can be used to warm up a room. This may be possible by reversing the direction of your fan.

Making this simple change should enable your ceiling fan to push cold air upward to mix with the rising heat. This mixed air will then move back downward, which can then warm up the room. Of course, it’s no heater, but it should make your room feel a little less chilly.

  1. Keep The Doors Closed

Ensuring all doors are kept closed is a very simple tip to apply, but it’s also super effective in trapping heat inside a room.

When your family is spending time in common areas of the house, such as the living room, be sure to keep bedroom and bathroom doors closed. That way, when you go back in, they’ll be nice and warm. This is particularly important if you’re using a single heating unit, to ensure the heat doesn’t leave the room and dissipate.


Hot Coffee Mug In Cold Winter

If you’ve long dreaded the seasonal drop in temperatures, there are plenty of things that can make your home warm during the winter, from investing in a quality heating system to using rugs and carpet. These tips will keep your home nice and cozy, despite the dreary weather.

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