Key Tips On Choosing The Right Roof Color To Match Your Exterior Property


Choosing the right roof color to match your home’s exterior is easier said than done. When installing a particular type of roofing material, whether it’s asphalt, metal, or slate shingles, there is an endless choice of shade and color combinations. This makes the process of picking the right color scheme for your house’s exterior even more difficult.

To help you, we have listed a couple of important tips to consider when picking the right color scheme to match your exterior property.

  1. Pick A Color Based On Your Bricks

Pick A Color Based On Your Bricks
When picking a roof color, it’s important to note that the color of your exterior, especially doors, sidings, and shutter colors, can always be changed, but the color of your bricks are permanent. This is particularly true if you have a brick home, which are durable and can last for centuries.

Over all those years, the color of your bricks won’t change, so if you have a brick home, you should really consider the color of the bricks when thinking about your roof color. Here are some tips:

  • Brick homes usually have red tones, and they match well with darker roof colors such as browns, blacks, and grays.
  • If your bricks are multi-colored, opt for continuous roofing color, to give your exterior property a more synchronous look.
  1. Match The Shutter Colors

Match The Shutter Colors
Shutter colors can always be changed, but once you’ve chosen a color scheme, you might want to pick a roof color that compliments it very well.

  • If your shutters are in sharp contrast with the colors of your sidings, pick a roof color that matches the shutters as much as possible so you can bind the look of the entire property together.
  • If you have a multi-colored roof, make sure that one of its colors compliments the color of the shutters. This is often an ideal choice for homes with bold-colored shutters.
  1. Pick A Color That Matches The Architectural Style Of The Property

The Architectural Style Of The Property
If you have a classical home, it will look best with classical color pallets. If your home is of historical significance, you might want to stick with the traditional color or style of its architecture. Here are some other notes on architectural styles and color choices:

  • The natural colors of slate tiles will look best when installed in Victorian and colonial homes.
  • Stucco homes match the orange to red colors of layered metal tiles.
  • If you have a rustic home, you might want to pick roof colors that compliment its woody aesthetic really well such as weathered browns, greens, and grays.
  1. Pick Roof Colors That Highlights Your House’s Exterior Features

If you have bay windows, stone walls, wrap-around porches and other exterior features, you may want to highlight these elements by picking roof colors that compliment them really well.

For example, your covered porch will go well with a roof color that’s the same as the color of its paint or wood. This creates a blending effect in which both your roof and porch are tied together.

You can also pick a roof color that is in contrast to your window trims. This will make your windows more aesthetically appealing.

Stone walls give your exterior property a more natural look, so you must want them to pop out more. Choose a dark neutral roof color that will effectively highlight the natural variances of your stone wall.

  1. Don’t Forget About The Sun

Don’t Forget About The Sun
You must consider the sun when picking the right color roof for your exterior property. Keep in mind that the sun, depending on the region and climate, may create a different color. The sun generally adds a bluish tint in northern regions, while southern regions experience a reddish glow.

The summer can also intensify the color of your roof, and the same can also be said during winter. In winter, the color of your roof may become washed out.

Take this important element into account when picking a roof color. It’s best if you can take some roof color samples home to see if how the colors change during different times of the day. Don’t simply choose roof colors that you see in a store, because they might look completely different once they are under the sun.

  1. Pick An Energy-Efficient Roof Color

Pick An Energy-Efficient Roof Color
You might also want to take note that there are certain types of roofing materials and colors that can insulate your home better to help you save on your energy bills. Lighter colors are generally effective in reflecting heat while darker colors have the tendency to absorb heat. If your aim is to cut back on your energy costs, you should install metal roofs on your home as they are effective in blocking heat from the sun. But if you are living in a colder region and are in need of more heat, you may want to install asphalt roofs as they are good for absorbing heat and trapping it inside in the house. You can also add treatments to your roof that will help keep the heat out or absorb heat better.

Pick the Color You Think Works for You and Your House

Pick the Color You Think Works Your House
There is a wide variety of roof colors to choose from that will surely match and complement your exterior property. While you can change your roof color anytime you want, changing it is very expensive, which is why you want to make sure that the color you pick is the right one to tie the entire exterior property together. Use the tips mentioned above to help you decide which roof color is the best one for your exterior property or talk to professional roofing contractors St. Louis to get better insight regarding roof colors.

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