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Small Space Interior Design

Due to the ever-shrinking global supply of homes, it is difficult to own a home or an apartment. The options left to you include subletting, co-sharing spaces, and, in some instances, staying with parents or relatives.

This does not mean your stay should be filled with pity and gloom. Various ways can be used to transform your room or small space into a wonderful living space. You need some space you can host a friend or, better still, enjoy your time there.

Below are some of the ways this can be made possible:

  1. Play Around With Colors

Colors play a crucial part in improving the visual appeal of rooms and homes. You can transform a room by painting it to your liking. Use colors that can offer a perfect contrast to furniture or other room accessories.

Depending on your liking, neutral colors can easily blend with any furniture pieces and are good for mood stabilizers.

If you are prepping a room for children, use playful colors like yellow or light green.

  1. Enhance Openings And Natural Light

A room becomes more profound or seems larger if it has ample openings and lighting. It has many benefits to occupants, including better health and air circulation.

Below are ways this can be enhanced:

  • Large Windows – If you have the privilege of designing rooms ensure, the windows will bring good lighting. This can also be enhanced by replacing window frames or the glass system.
  • Curtain System – Curtains form an important part of the home lighting and aeration system. Good curtain materials that enhance aeration can assist. Play around with colors and create a theme with the system. There are also innovative products like wooden blinds that can perfectly blend with your furniture and other room accessories.
  • Create Strategic Openings – Doors and windows should be placed where the source of light is. This helps tap into natural light, thereby enhancing the home’s aesthetics. The room’s value and appearance will tremendously improve when air and light find their way in.
  1. General Organization Of The Room

The organization helps improve the appearance of a room. This includes placing furniture, shelves, and other room tools in the right order.

Clutter is one of the causes of room disorganization, so de-cluttering can help improve its look and feel. Old files, old clothes, and items that are not needed in the room should be removed.

On the other hand, furniture organization is key, so don’t put items too close to each other. The working desk should be placed strategically away from the path, along with other pieces of furniture.

  1. Installing Mirrors

Mirrors enhance the look of a room, so consider strategically installing a large dressing mirror. Mirrors reflect light from the windows effectively, making the room seem bigger and more radiant.

Items such as dressing furniture with mirrors also offer a good view and aesthetic value to your room.

Small Room Interior

  1. Install Wall Hanging And Portraits

The outlook of a room can be further enhanced by accessories such as wall paintings, which can give the room a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance.

Visit the local antique shop to get designs that can match the color of your walls and furniture. Look for wall hangings that are large enough to display elegance. Some artists can customize wall hangings and drawings to your liking.

You can also request custom-made family portraits or portraits made from scenes like nature, animals, or landscapes.

  1. Play Around With The Furniture

Other than simply organizing your furniture, you should find ways to arrange them, as well as play around with colors and themes for a total transformation of your room.

Below are some factors you need to consider:

  • Design – Before procuring any piece of furniture, do some research to envision how it will fit into your space. Choose a design best suited for your theme, whether that’s modern or classic.
  • Color – Wisely choose furniture that has colors that match or help offer a healthy contrast in the room.
  • Versatility – Look for furniture that offers versatility or can perform various roles in the room. Some furniture can have storage compartments to enhance organization and reduce clutter in the room. Beds that can be transformed into sofa sets and stored during the day can help increase space, which is vital in improving the look of the home.
  • Type Of Wood – Furniture outlook varies with the type of wood used. Indigenous trees like mahogany, oak tree, and others offer a perfect look and feel to the furniture. This can eliminate the need for further painting.

Work with your furniture organization, design, and color to create the perfect outlook for a room.

  1. Flower Pots

Flowers can bring life to a room, improving its freshness and aesthetic value. You can install flower pots on the walls, somewhere along with the windows or at the entrance of a room.

For a more improved look, place the flowers on wooden stands. A beautiful and quality flower vase can help improve the look. If conditions don’t allow for natural flowers, you can acquire synthetic flowers or plants to improve the look.

  1. Enhance Or Improve The Lighting System

The overall lighting system is another key aspect that can help improve the look of a room. Innovative lighting designs, colors, backlight, and bulb holders are some of the ideas you can work on to transform an area.

Install sufficiently bright bulbs. The bulb holder is an area that you can draw a lot of inspiration and creativity. The lighting system can also be themed to shape and enhance both interior and exterior themes, effectively creating a picturesque scene.

Other lighting colors can be used during parties, nighttime, or other functions or activities. Find innovative places to place lighting systems like walls, gypsum ceiling systems, or floor backlight systems.


People spend considerable time in bedrooms, home offices, or in-studio apartments. Improving the look and feel of a room is important to achieving a homely feel. Installing flower pots, having good lighting systems, being organized, and using the right colors are some of the ideas you can work with.

The ultimate goal is to remove a room’s generic feel and encourage uniqueness as well as comfort.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of installing a ceiling fan in my room because it’s interior design is tropical, and I think that’s going to look good in it. I also agree with your idea of incorporating a glass window system in my space so there will be better lighting. I’d also keep in mind to add large dressing mirrors, so my room will appear larger.


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