Kitchen Cabinets – Should We Reface, Replace Or Paint? (Infographic)


Kitchen Cabinets Infographic

Infographic by: KitchenCabinetRefacing.Com

Gone are the days when your kitchen is kept away from the eyes of your guests and visitors whenever you are hosting them over in your home. Nowadays, it’s quite common for homeowners to use their kitchen and dining room as the primary function hall for parties and other events that are held in one’s home. As such, every aspect of the kitchen must be presentable for viewing, especially the parts that are easily seen and leave a lasting impression on your guests, such as your kitchen counters and cabinets.

Because they are used frequently every time you are doing something in your kitchen, your kitchen cabinets can take quite a beating that may not be adequately addressed most of the time. It causes them to slowly deteriorate internally until their damages become more evident on the surface, spoiling the look of your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen overall. Fortunately, these damages can quickly be addressed, and there are multiple solutions available for you, depending on the issues you’re dealing with.

Updating your kitchen cabinet can fall under three kinds of works: refacing, repainting, or just getting those old cabinets out of the way and replacing them with new ones. But as mentioned, what sort of method you’re going for will depend on a lot of factors — the biggest of which will be your preferences and budget requirements.

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