Kitchen Creations: Cute Ideas for a Country Themed Dining Area

On March 7, 2016 by Brooke Chaplan

There are hundreds of ideas out there on how to decorate your kitchen in a country theme, and sometimes making the right selections can be an overwhelming task. With this design in mind, it is worthwhile to simply organize your thoughts and come up with the exact features you want in a country themed kitchen before embarking on a decorating frenzy and ending up with a hodgepodge of items that don’t fit your theme or taste. Go with a design plan that builds from a base, works upward and outward and finishes with the final decorative accessories and signature pieces.

Kitchen Creations Cute Ideas for a Country Themed Dining Area

Design Plan

With your design plan, either drawn out from a computerized model or actual blueprint form. You want to decide the base of your kitchen, which starts with the right kind of room concept. For a country look, you want a cozy yet open appearance that includes the mainstays of the room such as flooring, windows, cabinetry, free standing hutches, furniture, appliances, farmhouse sinks, and faucet replicas, counter-tops, backslashes, other lighting, and accessories.

Flooring and Windows

Flooring should be of lighter or grayish wood or wood laminates, or a subdued tiling that would blend with the selected design. Think about the possibility of a few new windows thrown into the mix, as added light always enhances an open concept and provides the brightness and cheeriness that a country type kitchen requires. The placement of two or three windows that would allow for increased light and a view to the outside is always a plus with a country design. A window grouping over a sink brings even more of a country flavor and with options from Solar Shield Windows you can make sure they outlast other features. Those same windows can be bare or have shades, blinds, bolsters, drapes or cafe curtains that reflect a country theme with fabrics in large gingham checks, denim, nubby off white cottons, calicoes, creamy smooth maize cotton, muslin, or beige linen.

Cabinetry, Free Standing Hutches, and Furniture

Cabinetry is important as it should have a somewhat weathered or reclaimed wood appearance. Cabinets with incorporated glass fronts or separate shelves altogether that are placed above a sink inspire a country look. Existing cabinets can be painted for a fresh look in white, newer country colors, or sanded and stained for more natural wood looks. Cabinet hardware can also reflect a country look. Hutches, tall cupboards, and sideboards can also be painted and filled with kitchenware items. Furniture pieces should include wooden oblong, round, or long picnic style tables with wrought iron embellishments. Fabric covered chairs, cushioned benches, or bay window seating add a touch of country to seating pieces.

Appliances, Farmhouse Sinks, and Faucet Replicas

Appliances in a country inspired kitchen could be incorporated in deep country colors of brick red, dark blue, yellow, black, and stainless steel along with a professional level stove in a featured color that can act as a focal point in the kitchen area. A farmhouse sink definitely adds to the country feel, and coordinating faucet fixtures would do so as well.

Countertops and Back Splashes

Kitchen Creations Cute Ideas for a Country Themed Dining Area
Countertops in a country inspired theme can be wood, quartz, marble, stainless steel, or the right color blend of granite. Even smooth concrete can bring an old-fashioned country appeal. Back splashes are kitchen focal points and are especially country oriented when they are made from weathered brick, wood, or decorative plaster or tile.

Other Lighting

Kitchen lighting in a country themed kitchen could consist of recessed lighting in the ceiling, under cabinets, or one or two pendant fixtures over a kitchen island or bar area. A hanging, wrought iron chandelier type fixture with decorative country motifs would be perfect over an oblong table and chairs, or a breakfast nook.


Accessories are what complete a country kitchen look, and with so many offerings in the country line, any kitchen design can achieve a country feel. Fiber and jute type rugs, flowered carpet pieces, and rag rugs are perfect for wooden or tiled kitchen floors, or for placing under dining tables. Wreaths, herbals, plants, grasses, vegetables, fruit, fresh or silk flowers, such as sunflowers, bluebonnets, zinnias, and baby’s breath, as well as dried arrangements, can perk up a country kitchen, particularly when arrangements are placed in ceramic or glass containers for placement on counters or tables. Baskets hung, stacked, or arranged on shelves immediately bring country to mind. Signature pieces such as original artwork, plaques, metal letters and other pieces arranged in groupings can also accessorize and add depth and texture to a kitchen area.

There are numerous ideas for country themed kitchens, and with a little imagination and organization; many can be incorporated without a lot of time or expense. Imagining your own country kitchen doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There is no shortage of creative ideas for country themed kitchens, so partake and country redesign to your heart’s content.

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