Kitchen Design Trends 2022 You Should Know About It


Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project in 2022? Find out what are the biggest interior design trends expected to define our kitchens in the following year!

Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic made many of us rediscover a whole new level of appreciation for our kitchens. Our kitchens became the places where we would try all sorts of cooking projects, work from home, cook our meals when we couldn’t go out to dine, watch a lot of TV shows, and spend hours scrolling on our smartphones.

As we approach a new year, and we’re now more than ever before, aware of the importance of having a cozy and functional kitchen, new interior design trends are shaping this area of our homes.

This article explores the biggest kitchen design trends you should know about in 2022 if you plan to revamp this frequented space.

Forget about the basic white shades in the kitchen! Instead, your kitchen cabinets, doors, cutlery, decorations, and seating need to be pops of colors in 2022. One of the biggest interior design trends for 2022 for kitchen areas involves a comeback of colors.

It’s no surprise that people feel like making their kitchens more fun, including adding some color. During the pandemic, we spent more time here than ever before, doing all sorts of activities. So, it’s only natural to want to make this space feel more personal.

In the coming year, interior designers are expecting homeowners to have more fun and get creative with colors when picking the color schemes for their kitchens. Bold and contrasting color palettes will make our kitchens have personality and a certain charm. If you also include various finishes like matte and high gloss, your kitchen will look amazing.

Shades Of Nature

Shades Of Nature

Shades of what? Nature! As in a lot of green. This one is another trend that was shaped due to the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people felt a major disruption in their relationship with nature as the entire world was put in the biggest lockdown experiment. The pandemic didn’t just mean that they couldn’t go out to dine or party. For many, it also meant that they were not allowed to take walks in the park or visit any sort of green space. And, now this disruption is shown in the kitchen trends for 2022.

Interior designers expect homeowners to want more shades of green in their kitchens. Green isn’t just a symbol of nature. It is also a color that embodies renewal, rejuvenation, and energy. And, after such a difficult period in their lives, it’s no surprise that homeowners want to add some green to their frequented home spaces.

Pet-friendly Spaces

People usually think about when designing their kitchen areas is how the space will impact their pets. Well, it seems that this will change in 2022, and our pets will be something to keep in mind when we choose the design for the heart of the home.

Unsurprisingly, this trend occurred after almost two years of a global pandemic during which many homeowners adopted shelter pets to get some quality company while they were locked in their homes. Now, to reward their unconditional love and companionship, it is time we consider their needs more when remodeling our homes, including our kitchens in Kent.

Think about it: those unclaimed storage areas are rarely used for anything truly useful in the kitchen. So, why not utilize them for the sake of your pets? You can use toe-kick space such as drawers to place your pets’ bowls of food and water. This may also help you as you will no longer stumble into them while cooking or setting the table.

Cottage Style Is Also Making A Comeback

Kitchen designs will also travel back in time in the following year. More precisely, the cottage style is also making a comeback in 2022.

From rustic wooden ceiling beams to original masonry, nooks, and many characterful features will make their way back into our kitchens. This style is fantastic for small spaces that need to make the most of each storage space.

The cottage style has a few particular characteristics, including base cabinetry to create an airy feel, shaker-style cabinets, glazed wall cabinets, and paint wall cabinets to match the walls.

Besides looking amazing, the cottage style also makes kitchens feel very cozy, making you feel like you want to stay home and dine here- by choice!

Invisible Hinge Doorways

Kitchen doors designs are also getting more innovative in the following year. You can choose to guide by the first trend involving adding colorful doors to your kitchen or opt for invisible hinge doorways.

Invisible hinge doorways tend to create a frameless and cleaner look, making the place look more spacious. Yet, if you want a cozier atmosphere and more privacy in your kitchen, you can always opt for a kitchen door design that adds a pop of color to your frequented home space.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Last but not least, interior designers are looking for another way to help homeowners regain their relationship with nature, even if they are forced by lockdown measures to stay inside. This way consists of using as many natural materials as possible in kitchen designs, with wood being particularly popular. Stone and metal are also popular choices for interior designs in kitchens as they create a bright, light, and airy space.

Natural materials used for designing your kitchen don’t just look great. They also allow you to inject some color and personality into the space with personal features that you like. In addition, they create a basic white canvas that you can paint using whatever shades and styles you want.

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