Kitchen Renovation: 5 Unusual Mistakes To Avoid


Kitchen Renovation

When you start renovating your kitchen, there are certain traps you need to avoid if you don’t want it to cost more than you bargained for. Besides setting a budget and doing adequate planning – what other, more unusual mistakes should you be avoiding? Read on to find out.

Top 5 Unusual Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Without hesitating any longer, let’s jump in feet first and find out what the top mistakes to avoid during kitchen renovations might be!

  1. OTT DIY

There is a fine line between doing it yourself to save money and doing it yourself and mucking up. Where safety is concerned, you need to hire a professional. This means no re-wiring the whole house if you are not an electrician.

If you do decide to hire someone to help you, make sure you understand your responsibilities in terms of health and safety, or you could find yourself in an injury lawsuit if something goes wrong, suggest Rosenfeld construction injury lawyers. Be safe, don’t take chances, and you should avoid being on the receiving end of a claim.

  1. What’s In A Wall?

Walls are often overlooked during kitchen renovations. Ideally speaking, in a professional kitchen, the walls would be covered with a plastic-type surface that is easily wiped clean. Tiling, splash barriers, and other such methods can be used to ensure your walls stay wipeable and clean, particularly around bin areas, where the grime tends to build up.

  1. Not Thinking Big Enough

It’s not about money – it’s about space. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, then there simply isn’t any point in renovating! Consider floating cupboards as well as built-in modules. If you have a walk-in storage area, then ignore this point. If you want a kitchen, you aren’t going to have to remodel again in six months? Trust us. Get storage right the first time around.

  1. What About Flooring?

Again, a professional kitchen has a solid surface that is easy to clean. In this case, tiling isn’t quite so acceptable. Germs and bacteria build up in the grouting between the tiles – no matter how much bleach you put on there. The kitchen floor sees a lot of wear and tear, so consider an epoxy or modern stone floor for best results.

As well as being susceptible to cross-contamination, your floor may get wet in the kitchen. For this, you need to think ahead. A non-slip surface is best for safety reasons.

  1. Appliances

It’s all very well to plan the floors, walls, ceiling, workspaces, and cupboards in a kitchen, but we always forget something. Usually, the thing we forget is allowing space for appliances. If you don’t think about this during your kitchen renovation, it is going to cost you. If you need to remove cupboards, you have had freshly installed? Then it will also make your heart bleed.

Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t stand for kitchen renovation mishaps. Follow our guidelines and never miss a beat again!

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